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Assessing the Carnell Tate situation and the continued pursuit by Tennessee

Ohio State looks to hang on to one of their top ranked commits in the 2023 class.

Carnell Tate

It wouldn’t be recruiting if there wasn’t some sort of drama. Dealing with teenagers is unpredicatable, and in the recruiting world that sometimes can be even more of the case as they make their way through one of the biggest decisions in their lives. Every school at some point has to deal with recruiting drama around their prospective players or even commits, and Ohio State isn’t removed from that list.

In the 2023 class, the Buckeyes have been pretty fortunate when it comes to drama. For the most part, their committed players have never waivered, making the staff’s life easier. Setting the expectations up front, Ohio State’s coaches do a remarkable job at recruiting their top targets. When a player is one of their more important priorities, Ryan Day and his crew want the individual to be sure Ohio State is the right place so commitments aren’t rushed, but more of a choice that will be made for the long haul without teetering.

If there’s been any drama in this current cycle though, the name linked to the most buzz is from receiver commit, Carnell Tate. In some ways, and maybe to no fault of his own, Tate has long been the one in the class that has seen his name in the gossip. On the other hand, his actions call for his name to be linked with drama, and that again is just recruiting when it comes to high profile players in today’s day and age.

Not a secret to anyone who has followed the sitatuon closely, it’s been Tennessee that has been the thorn in Ohio State’s side when it comes to Tate and his commitment to the Buckeyes. Always a background presence — mainly because of the NIL features — Tate and the Vols have been a theme that hasn’t gone away completely, and their pursuit likely won’t change as Tate is one of the top players in the country regardless of position and would be a huge addition to anyone’s class.

The fortunate aspect to this past weekend though for Ohio State, Tate was rumored to be visiting Tennessee for the Alabama game, and while that would have been a major cause for concern for Buckeye fans, the visit in fact didn’t happen, as Tate was not in attendance.

A major win for Ohio State, Tate not being on site in Knoxville bodes well for the Buckeyes and the continued efforts to keeping him in the class. With the atmosphere surrounding that specific game, Tennessee could not have had a better Saturday night in Neyland Stadium, and surely recruits on hand had to be feeling the momentum Tennessee is currently riding. The fact that Tate was not there to experience that game and environment definitely isn’t something Ohio State’s staff is bummed about by any means.

Brian Hartline has built another stellar crew of receivers for his current class, and losing any of the four would be a major blow to the group as a whole. Tate being one of the better players in the country is a loss that, while Ohio State has incredible depth, isn’t an aspect that anyone would take well.

Anything can happen until signing day in December, but Tate is scheduled to be back in Columbus this coming weekend for his official visit. With Iowa being the opponent and not as heavy of a recruiting weekend, the staff will likely continue to show Tate why his home needs to be in Columbus for the next three to four years.

At any rate, though Tennessee has been a constant background annoyance, the development from Hartline, his connection to the staff and players, and even saying the right things on social media lead to the idea that Tate isn’t going anywhere and will be a Buckeye when all is said and done.

The countdown to signing day is on.