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Bucketheads Podcast: Talking with Adam Jardy about the Big Ten, NCAA Tournament expansion, and more

We also discuss the latest newsworthy remarks from Jim Boeheim and Mike Woodson.

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CCSU v Ohio State Photo by Ryan Young/Getty Images

‘Bucketheads’ is LGHL’s men’s basketball podcast, hosted by Connor Lemons and Justin Golba. Every episode they give you the latest scoop on the Ohio State Buckeyes and everything else happening in the college hoops world.

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This week, Connor and Justin discuss the Big Ten Conference’s 22-year struggle to win a national championship — is recruiting lagging behind, are they having bad luck, or maybe a little bit of both? They follow with a game where Justin has to match each team’s tournament resume since 2000 to the proper program.

Afterward, Connor talks with the Columbus Dispatch’s Adam Jardy for about 30 minutes on several topics, from NCAA Tournament expansion to Big Ten dark horse candidates to Bowen Hardman’s role at Ohio State moving forward, and so much more.

We close the interview with a rapid-fire round of questions, where we all get to learn a little bit more about the best reporter covering any sport on the Ohio State beat.

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