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Jumping back to 1991 to recap Ohio State’s 54-10 victory over Iowa

Today’s win over the Hawkeyes extended Ohio State’s home winning streak over Iowa to eight games.

Iowa v Ohio State Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

As the Big Ten has expanded, the number of meetings between Iowa and Ohio State has dwindled over the years. Today’s game was the first game between the schools in Columbus since 2013. With today’s 54-10 win over the Hawkeyes, Ohio State extended their winning streak at Ohio Stadium over Iowa to eight games. To wrap up today’s blowout win, we’ll look back at some popular movies, tv shows, songs, and video games from 1991 and incorporate them into the recap.

“Enter Sandman”

1991 was when Metallica’s self-titled album was released, commonly referred to as “The Black Album”. The most famous track from the legendary album is Enter Sandman. In college football, Enter Sandman has been used for years by Virginia Tech to hype up their crowds before and during games. “Enter Sandman” is essentially Jump Around for Appalachia.

The sandman certainly came for Iowa today. Ohio State was the beasts under Iowa’s bed, in their closets, and in their heads. There is nothing about the Buckeye defense that anyone can complain about following today’s game. Tanner McCalister intercepted a Spencer Petras pass on the first play of the game, and added a second pick in the second half. Overall, the Buckeyes forced the Hawkeyes into six turnovers in the game.

Along with the turnovers, Ohio State was able to put a ton of pressure on Petras and Alex Padilla, recording five sacks in the game. Senior defensive end Zach Harrison was a force throughout the game, getting into the backfield early and often. Both Harrison and J.T. Tuimoloau were able to record their first sacks of the season in today’s blowout victory.

Coming into the game we knew that Iowa had the worst offense that Ohio State was going to face this season. It was still nice to see the Buckeyes play a complete game on defense, only giving up a field goal to the Iowa offense, as the only touchdown from the Hawkeyes came from their defense. Next week Ohio State won’t have it so easy when they have to travel to Penn State, but a performance like they had today could be just what the doctor ordered to build some confidence for the second half of the regular season.


Ohio State has the best wide receiver in the country, it is just a different receiver than we were claiming heading into the season. Before the season kicked off, Jaxon Smith-Njigba was being looked at as a contender for the Biletnikoff Award. Unfortunately, Smith-Njigba suffered a hamstring injury early in the season opener against Notre Dame, which kept him on the sidelines for most of the first six games of the year. Smith-Njigba looked to have aggravated the injury in today’s game, which leaves his availability for the rest of the regular season up in the air.

Enter Marvin Harrison Jr., who created some noise heading into this season with a three-touchdown performance in the Rose Bowl. Harrison has found the end zone three times in two games this season, already setting a school record as the only Buckeye wide receiver to catch three touchdown passes in three separate games. Coming into today’s game, Harrison was leading the country with nine touchdown catches this year, and today he was able to haul in another score, with his touchdown in the third quarter giving Ohio State a 33-10 lead.

The son of the Pro Football Hall of Famer is so good that if you dropped him into the 2023 NFL Draft, he would undoubtedly be taken in the first round. Joel Klatt said a number of times on today’s broadcast that he thinks Harrison is going to be the best receiver in the NFL in 4-5 years, and honestly, it’s hard to argue against it. At 6-foot-4, Harrison can go up and get those high passes, he has the footwork to be able to make tough catches on the sideline and the back of the end zone, and he has the speed to create separation from defenders. All that to say, he is as smooth as Boyz II Men were in the 90s.

“Duke Nukem”

What can you say about C.J. Stroud that hasn’t already been said? Things were a little rough for the quarterback early on, as he fumbled the football early on after getting hit, leading to an Iowa touchdown that gave the Hawkeyes their only lead of the game. It wasn’t until the second half that Stroud really got going, finding Harrison for his first touchdown pass of the game, and following it up with three more touchdown tosses.

Stroud not only has 72 passing touchdowns, ranking second in school history, but the redshirt sophomore also moved into the top five on the school’s all-time passing yardage list. After some poorly placed throws in the first half, Stroud found his rhythm and made some throws that were NFL-caliber, where only his receivers were able to catch it.

Following a 2021 season that saw him turn into a Heisman Trophy finalist, Stroud is looking like a front-runner for the award with about a month and a half left in the season. While there are some fans clamoring for Stroud to run the football a little more when there is open field in front of him, the Buckeyes also can’t risk their quarterback taking a hit while running the football and getting hurt.

If you look at what Stroud has done in 19 starts as a Buckeye quarterback, he has put up video game numbers. Stroud is essentially “Duke Nukem” or “The Terminator”, whose second movie was released in 1991, just putting down the competition. Teams may be able to put some clamps on Stroud for a bit, but in the end he finds a way to earn the win.


“Dinosaurs” perfectly describes what Iowa is working with on its coaching staff. The only Iowa coach that is worth anything is Phil Parker, who deserves better. At this point, Kirk Ferentz and his son Brian are essentially stealing money from the university. It’s not like the Hawkeyes can get rid of the grifting father-son combo either since the elder Ferentz’s buyout is so high, and it’s not like Kirk is going to fire his son.

Just look at what has happened to quarterback Spencer Petras, who came to Iowa as one of the better prospects in the country. After five years at Iowa, Petras is worse now than when he arrived on campus. It just seems like Brian Ferentz is so stubborn that he refuses to acknowledge that he is trying to put a square peg in a round hole and figures if he just keeps smashing it, then eventually it will fit. That strategy might have worked 20 years ago, but it certainly doesn’t work today.

There is just no imagination from the Iowa offense. I almost feel bad for their fans because there are a lot of passionate Iowa supporters who shouldn’t be subjected to this type of inept coaching. The Big Ten is better when Iowa is challenging out west. I don’t blame them for wanting to hit both Kirk and Brian upside the head with frying pans, just like the adorable baby dinosaur did to his dad in the ABC show that debuted in 1991.


For the most part, being active online as a Buckeye fan is pretty fun. One thing that irks me is just how quick people are to lose their minds about the simplest things. I swear today wasn’t my first day on Twitter. I know that Twitter exists for people to complain and throw out the wildest takes they can for attention. I have been guilty of it in the past, but over the years I like to think I’ve mellowed out a little as I have gotten older.

Some people were losing their minds today at the earliest sign of a little bit of adversity. The first half wasn’t all that pretty to watch if you were an Ohio State fan that loves offense. Even with C.J. Stroud not playing his best half of football, along with Ryan Day leaving a lot to be desired with his play-calling and game management, the Buckeyes were still up 26-10 at the half. In my eyes, that’s not too bad against one of the toughest defenses in the country.

I hate to break it to people, but things aren’t always going to go perfectly in a game. That’s why they play them instead of just super-simming an Ohio State victory. I saw some idiots thinking C.J. Stroud should have been benched for his play before he found his rhythm in the second half. I would say that’s one of the stupidest take you could have but it’s not like we didn’t hear cries from some last year that Stroud wasn’t the answer after he struggled a little in his first few starts.

There’s no problem being passionate about your team. It is great there are so many fans that love Ohio State and want them to be the best. Just don’t let the desire to see another national title come to Columbus rot your brain. Just because John Candy was able to control things by writing them in a movie, it doesn’t mean that Ryan Day is getting fired or C.J. Stroud is getting benched because of your angry tweets in a game Ohio State is winning. It’s ok to be angry or disappointed, just think before blowing your top sometimes.