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Column: Did Stroud lose the Heisman on Saturday? (Spoiler Alert: No)

Yes, Stroud threw an interception and a fumble that resulted in the lone Iowa touchdown. But he also threw four TDs in the second half...

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Saturday confirmed that Iowa’s defense is legit. Yes, Ohio State still put up 54 points against them, but it truly took the Bucks a whole half to figure it out. Mainly, for C.J. Stroud to figure it out. Again, yes he threw four touchdowns, his stats were still great. However, he just seemed off. Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker didn’t...

I hope you know I’m not being 100% serious. I mean, how off can Stroud be if he still threw four TDs? I think he definitely made some questionable decisions, but he still threw for 286 yards. It wasn’t 300+ though, that’s why I’m concerned (sarcasm). Ohio State fans are so unbelievably spoiled that if their QB throws for less than 300 yards and has a pick, they freak.

I am talking about myself. I am letting myself fall into the hype surrounding Hendon Hooker. He led the Vols to a win over Alabama for Pete’s sake! He should not be counted out. I believe over the past couple of weeks, the Heisman race is certainly a lot closer; I don’t think Stroud is the clear favorite anymore. There could be arguments made for either QB. However, I’m still going with the Buckeye.

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Stroud’s QBR of 92.6 is the best in the nation, as is his 28 touchdowns. His completion percentage is 70%. I think I just expect perfection out of him, which is obviously impossible. Every time he makes a bad pass or throws an incompletion, I get nervous. It’s like I forget who I’m watching!

One quality that makes Stroud great and the Heisman front-runner is his ability to adjust. It was obviously a difficult first half for him. That fumble returned for a TD was not pretty, we know. Nor was that interception on the first play in the second half. But, Stroud got it together and went on to throw four touchdowns.

The latest odds from the DraftKings Sportsbook after this past week’s slate of games still has Stroud as the favorite. In my mind, there still isn’t any quarterback better than him. The only non-QB listed in the top seven odds is TTUN’s running back, Blake Corum, and while what he is doing is impressive, I still don’t think it overtops Stroud.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Now, I’ve heard the argument that while Stroud is good, he is only great because of his receivers. Between Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson, and JSN last year, and then pretty much every receiver on the roster this year, he has been blessed with the best WR group in the nation the past two seasons.

However, it’s a two-way street. They better each other. Some quarterbacks cannot make the passes that Stroud makes, which does not result in a catch. Then again, some receivers cannot make the receptions these guys do, helping their QB out at times. Therefore, I declare this argument to be foolish.

Stroud has led this Buckeye offense to be the best in the nation. Yes, he is surrounded by unbelievable talent. But guess what? He is also unbelievably talented. He is not perfect, so he is going to make mistakes. However, the vast majority of the time, he is almost perfect. He rises to the occasion and is great when it counts. That’s why he’s still the Heisman front-runner in my eyes.


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