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‘Ball Hell Broke Loose: Week 9 Chaos Roundup — Crazy day for multiple OSUs

The storylines that left our jaw on the floor or merely entertained us

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Everyone’s least-favorite chaos monger is back after a week off wreaking havoc on her sister’s wedding (just kidding, it was a perfect event. The other wedding staying at the same hotel maximized the chaos on our behalf in a way that was a little much even for me).

Fortunately, the NCAA continues to serve up insanity week after week, so read on for the storylines that sent my jaw to the floor this week.

As a fun aside, I did have the great fortune of accidentally stumbling on the UCLA football team, out in costume, last night while I was out in Westwood looking for a late-night bite after my own Halloween festivities. They were rightfully celebrating their Dub over Stanford, but the people-watching that came of that experience was perhaps more enjoyable than all the chaos below combined.

OSU’s first three quarters

If you saw the score without watching the game, you’d think OSU’s double-digit victory over Penn State indicated steady, consistent gameplay. If you watched the game, you know that couldn’t be further from the truth. That this win over the Nits was ugly is perhaps the biggest testament to this OSU team’s grit and talent that we’ve seen thus far, but it didn’t make it easy to stomach for the fans.

As a deeply superstitious sports fan, I eventually had to turn off the game and keep an eye on Gamecast because any time I left the room to refill my water or use the restroom, the Nits would score. It was a very stressful few hours, with CJ Stroud off his game and the Buckeyes looking a little shaken to start.

But the true measure of a team is in their resilience when they have to really muscle it out on the field. It’s all fun and games when you can steamroll your opponents. But we know Michigan isn’t going to lay down and take it, nor will anyone we meet in the Big Ten Championship or the playoffs, so it’s good for us to have to get down in the mud a bit. It builds character. And ultimately, the Buckeyes of the fourth quarter are the reason they’re ranked the way they are. They were in the mud, they dragged themselves out, and they still won in double digits.

Kansas State Demolishing the other OSU

K-State, the No. 22 ranked team going into yesterday’s matchup against then-No. 9 Oklahoma State, handed the Cowboys the worst shutout loss of an AP Top 10 team since 1966. Winning the game 48-0, the Cats made it look like amateur hour, and with a backup quarterback no less (though Buckeye fans know well never to doubt a second or third-string quarterback). Will Howard, filling in for Adrian Martinez, went 21-of-37 for 296 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. Talk about a monster game. It’s safe to say that Halloween spooks won’t be the things haunting Oklahoma State’s nightmares — it’s going to be visions of Will Howard throwing touchdowns on a loop.

Miami v. Virginia going into FOUR Overtimes

Sitting through low-scoring football games can feel never ending. Now imagine sitting through one with no touchdowns by either team in regulation… and then having to sit through four overtimes. The score at the end of regulation was a measly 6-6. Miami’s punter ended the game with more punting yards than they did offensive yards. This game lacked all punch (in fact, actually getting punched might have been less painful). In the end, Miami eked out a victory 14-12, and while Virginia technically gets the L, the real losers are everyone who sat through this whole football game.

Gerald Mincey’s headbutt

My brother (a recent Tennessee grad) talked smack about C.J. Stroud yesterday and joked that the Heisman was Hendon Hooker’s after yesterday, so I’m going to take a moment to talk some smack about his team.

I can’t really talk about their performance because Tennessee is making a strong case that they’re the best team in college football right now. But I am going to make fun of the fact that Gerald Mincey got headbutted by his own teammate.

At the end of a play, Mincey had his helmet off, and offensive lineman Jerome Carvin walked up to him and, in what was intended to be a gesture of encouragement and reinforcement after a good play, headbutted him straight in the nose. It’s better to just watch the footage, so please enjoy this tweet below.