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Happy Belated Birthday, C.J.! 21 things to love about Stroud

The Buckeye quarterback was born 21 years ago, which gives us 21 reasons to celebrate!

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

C.J. Stroud was born on Oct. 3, 2001, which officially makes him 21 years old as of yesterday! It’s hard to believe that he was only 19 years old when he was the starting quarterback last season for the first month or so. Look how far he has come! Here are 21 reasons to love THE Ohio State QB.

  1. He chose Ohio State! Even though he had offers from USC, Georgia, Oregon and TTUN (haha, yet another L for them), Stroud committed to Ohio State. He knew that the Buckeyes have been pumping out very talented quarterbacks the past few years, with the likes of Dwayne Haskins and Justin Fields. After this season, he will almost certainly be the next OSU product to become a first round NFL Draft pick.
  2. He patiently waited his turn behind Fields. It can’t be easy to be one of the top recruits in the nation, a five-star QB, and then be forced to sit for a year. Stroud redshirted his freshman season, learned everything he could from Fields, and developed his skills and character. He fulfilled his role perfectly.
  3. He led the Buckeyes to an 11-2 record and Rose Bowl victory in his first season. Obviously Buckeye fans want more than this, but Stroud did absolutely everything he could to give this team a chance to win.
  4. He has overcome a lot of adversity. Stroud’s father had two stints in prison, going back for a second time even after forming a close relationship with his son. C.J. didn’t have the easiest childhood, but he did the best he could, and now look where he landed.
  5. He has stayed humble throughout it all. Every time Stroud is asked about himself, he immediately deflects it to God or to his teammates and coaches. Love that!
  6. He has become a leader of this team. He was voted as one of the team captains, showing how much respect his teammates have for him. Stroud has certainly grown into his own following last season, being a model example for others to follow.
  7. He truly cares about his teammates. Remember when he gave each of his teammates a $500 gift card to Express to ensure each of them would be looking spiffy before the season opener? Or what about the NIL initiative that spread the wealth around to the entire team?
  8. He pushed through a shoulder injury to play against Oregon last season. And dominated. He threw for 484 yards that game! With a sprained throwing shoulder! Respect the grind.
  9. He always shows his appreciation for fans. At Student Appreciation Day last year, he posed for pictures and signed hundreds of autographs to make his fellow peers happy. He does the same thing with little kids, too.
  10. He’s fun to watch. Whether it’s scrambling to the sideline and throwing a dime right before he steps out of bounds, or tossing a 50-yard dart to one of his stellar receivers, he is so exciting to watch.
  11. He has a really great right arm. I mean, maybe his left arm is too, but that right arm is special. It’s both strong and accurate. Great combo.
  12. His legs are starting to work! This season, he has become a bit more mobile, and it is evident that he has put more effort into bettering himself in that area of the game. It’s paying off, too.
  13. He stays calm under pressure. Whether it was the first collegiate game of his life as a starter, or a tight Rose Bowl game, Stroud stays cool as a cucumber and doesn’t fear the big stage.
  14. He spreads the love to all of his teammates. Everyone has equal opportunity to catch a pass from him, as he doesn’t favor just one or two of his teammates!
  15. He adjusts when needed. Jaxon Smith-Njigba goes down early against Notre Dame? No problem, he just targeted Xavier Johnson and Cade Stover. Pocket collapses? He’ll scramble and scramble, refusing to take a sack.
  16. He drives a really sweet car. That Bentley is pretty sweet, is it not?
  17. He was a Heisman finalist is first season, and is favored to win it this year. That is quite impressive, if you ask me.
  18. He threw for five touchdowns against Toledo and Wisconsin. He’s done that five times. His stats are just unreal. He’s already thrown for 1,376 yards this season, and he hasn’t even played full games because he’s too dominant in the first half!
  19. He’s only thrown two picks on the season. He only threw five last season. Stroud does not produce a lot of turnovers and generally makes good decisions, so we don’t need to worry about him in that area!
  20. He’s been vocal about his belief that players should get paid. His reasoning makes sense, and he believed it would be beneficial for all athletes. So far, it’s looking like he’s right.
  21. He’s one of the greatest Buckeye quarterbacks EVER! Stroud isn’t even finished yet, and he has already planted himself in the history books. Let’s see if we can’t get some trophies in his hands at the end of the season!