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Buck Off Podcast: Michigan State report, Ryan Day is a liar, and a summer take that wasn’t freezing cold

The guys are back to discuss Ohio State’s first road game of the season against MSU, and they also discuss some words that might not be true from the head ball coach.

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I’m joined by Jordan Williams. We take a look at Ohio State heading into their first road game against Michigan State.

To get the show started, the guys discuss Ohio State’s opponent in the Michigan State Spartans, who are in fact much worse than you probably think. Chris and Jordan discuss how Michigan State has taken a step back on both sides of the ball, and why they have struggled against the three Power-5 opponents they have played this season. Then they discuss how impactful Kenneth Walker III was for Michigan State’s program, and why them winning 11 games last year might have been a bad thing.

After that, the guys get into why Ryan Day is a liar from some comments he made on his weekly radio show with the great Paul Keels. We also discuss if Ryan Day is too respectful of his opponents. Once we get our jokes off, we transition to some serious takeaways about how Ryan Day feels about the injuries and why the linebacker unit has been such an effective trio.

As the show moves forward, the duo then takes a victory lap. You might have heard that Zach Harrison played tackle this week, but if you’re a true day one listener you would know the guys have been on this since at least March.

To close out the show, Chris and Jordan discuss special teams and make their score predictions.

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