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We’ll talk about this later: ‘A Moment Like This’; celebrating Kamryn Babb’s touchdown

Your dose of lighthearted takes from yesterday’s games.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Brooke LaValley/The Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Each week, we’ll break down something that happened during the Ohio State game (and occasionally other games) that we’ll be talking about for a while—you know, the silly sideline interactions, the awful announcing and the weird storylines that stick with us for years to come. We’ll also compare each of these happenings to memorable moments in pop culture, because who doesn’t love a good Office reference?

For starters, Ohio State got back on top Saturday against Indiana, covering a 40-point spread and extending both their record streak over the Hoosiers and their run of games scoring 20+ points.

Unfortunately, it was hard at times to actually see the game at points. It was a snowy day in Columbus and, when watching on TV, that snow turned drizzly and eerie on camera. And of course, we can’t see without the cameras.

But then there was the moment we really will be talking about later; a moment that reminds us why college football holds such a special place in our hearts. That moment, of course, was when fifth-year senior and team captain Kamryn Babb secured his first-career touchdown on the Buckeyes’ last score of the game.

Perhaps it was because Ohio State was up 40+, but the FOX crew on the call did not cut the celebratory moment short and panned to the crowd of coaches and teammates surrounding Babb for the ensuing minutes. The camera caught the reactions of Ryan Day, Brian Hartline, the entire receiving corps, the offensive line, Babb’s significant other — everyone. All were overcome with joy, and the celebration didn’t stop for a very long time.

Babb himself took a moment to soak it in immediately after the touchdown. His teammates clearly could not wait to celebrate, but gave him that space and formed a circle behind him.

Here’s what Babb had to say about it:

To quote Kelly Clarkson, “Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.Congratulations to Kamryn and all he has achieved. His resilience is an inspiration to us all — and he deserved that moment.

Joel Klatt at one point commented, “It’s making me a little emotional.”

Yes, us too.

Anyway, someone is chopping onions over here, so we’ll end on a lighter note and remind everyone to never challenge Marvin Harrison Jr. in Twister. He will destroy you.