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LGHL Uncut Podcast: Likekele, Sensabaugh, Holtmann discuss Ohio State’s grind-it-out win over EIU

The Buckeyes were able to turn the page after a stagnant first half and picked up their third win of the season.

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Throughout the season, Land-Grant Holy Land will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conferences, but also from individual interview sessions.

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Following Ohio State’s grindy, mucky, 65-43 win over Eastern Illinois on Wednesday night, Isaac Likekele, Brice Sensabaugh, and head coach Chris Holtmann spoke to the media about the win as well as the Maui Invitational.

Likekele and Sensabaugh began, with Likekele giving credit to Eastern Illinois. He reminded everyone that despite rankings, they’re “Still division-I athletes” and a “talented squad.” Likekele talked about the halftime mood when Ohio State was only up three points, and what Holtmann told them during their break.

Sensabaugh was asked about his career-high 20 points and how he has adjusted from game one to game three.

Holtmann spoke last, and — like Ice — gave credit to Eastern Illinois. He said he didn’t see the effort he wanted to see from some of his older players in the first half, and made it clear he won’t be afraid to make mass substitutions quickly if it happens again. He also spent some time talking about Maui — specifically, San Diego State.

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