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Bucketheads Podcast: Maui Mania with John Fanta

What does it take to win three games in three days? We talked about that and more with FOX Sports’ John Fanta.

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‘Bucketheads’ is LGHL’s men’s basketball podcast, hosted by Connor Lemons and Justin Golba. Every episode they give you the latest scoop on the Ohio State Buckeyes and everything else happening in the college hoops world.

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During a special bonus episode of the Bucketheads Podcast, the guys begin by giving their thoughts on the Buckeyes’ closer-than-expected victory over Eastern Illinois last week. Is there reason to worry, or was it good that this team faced a little bit of adversity before heading to Maui?

Then, they talk about the San Diego State Aztecs and break down what makes them such a tough opponent for this particular Ohio State team. Can a Buckeye squad that’s currently turning the ball over 15 times per game take care of the rock against an SDSU team that’s averaging 12 steals per game?

To close the episode, FOX Sports’ John Fanta — a Cleveland native and a Big East man through and through — joins the show to talk about the entire Maui field and what it takes to win three games in three days. John also gives his honest, unfiltered thoughts on the Louisville basketball program.

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