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You’re Nuts: What is our favorite Ohio State-Michigan basketball moment?

You know we had to tie this into hoops somehow.

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We are back! After taking last week off due to a personal matter, the Bucketheads are back for another “You’re Nuts” segment, 76 weeks running.

The Ohio State men’s basketball team is 5-1 to start their season and finished 2-1 in the loaded Maui Invitational. We won’t talk about that here, but you can listen to the latest “Bucketheads” podcast as we broke it all down for the people.

Two weeks ago, we debated who had the worst week one loss in college hoops. Connor argued it was Florida State losing to Stetson and Justin argued it was Louisville losing to newly-minted Division-I Bellarmine. In a close matchup, Connor and his pick of Florida State took 57 percent of the votes to take the win.

After 76 weeks, Connor extends his lead to three weeks with 33 wins while Justin has 30, other has nine and there have been four ties total.

After 76 weeks:

Connor- 33
Justin- 30
Other- 9

(There have been four ties)

This week, in honor of “The Game” — but obviously sticking to our basketball roots — we are debating our favorite Ohio State and Michigan moments on the hardwood. The Buckeyes and skunk bears have played some absolute classics over the past decade-plus. Does any one in particular stand out to you?

Today’s question: What is our favorite Ohio State-Michigan basketball moment?

Connor: Kyle Young’s ripped jersey win in 2020

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me considering what Justin picked, but I’ll do my best. Perhaps this moment was not the most consequential of all the Ohio State-Michigan games, but anyone who was watching this game will never forget the time Kyle Young had his jersey torn open while contesting a shot from Michigan’s Xavier Simpson.

For those who didn’t watch or don’t quite recall, here is the situation:

The Buckeyes had a 57-56 lead on the Wolvies with 34 seconds remaining on February 4, 2020. Simpson drove to the basket for a layup and was fouled by Young. But as Simpson fell to the ground, he reached out and — whether it was intentional or not — grabbed Young’s jersey, pulling him to the ground as well. When he yanked on Young’s jersey it tore open, exposing his chest. It was one of the oddest plays I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, and it required a meeting of the minds (referees) to sort it out. Ultimately, a common foul was called on Young for fouling Simpson on the shot and a flagrant foul was called on Simpson for pulling Young down and tearing his jersey.

So Simpson hit both of his free throws to give Michigan a one-point lead, but Young — clad in a No. 50 jersey since his No. 25 was torn — knocked down both of his as well to retake the one-point lead. Ohio State also retained possession, and CJ Walker was fouled and sent to the line, where he hit both to give Ohio State a 61-58 lead. Eli Brooks’ potentially game-winning three-pointer was no good, and Ohio State won.

Michigan fans were livid and felt the game was stolen from them because there was no precedent for such a call. Others said that this call set the precedent for the next time someone pulls a player down and tears their jersey open.

Regardless, this play will likely go down as the one that defines Kyle Young’s Ohio State career. A gritty grinder who played much larger than his size, Young is now retired from basketball, but Buckeye fans will never forget his contributions to the program — or this wild, crazy play.

Justin: Evan Turner buzzer beater against Michigan in 2010

I remember exactly where I was. I had just gotten home from school and I had some Skittles waiting for me. I was saving them for the game. Since this was a Big Ten Tournament game, it started in the afternoon and I was only able to catch the end because I did not have a phone yet.

I walked into my house and there was two minutes in the game left. I grabbed my Skittles and I started pacing the rooms. All of the questions were in my head. “Why were the Buckeyes having so much trouble? Is this going to be the only game in the tournament? Are they going to lose their number one seed in the NCAA Tournament?”

And then enter Evan Turner. On a beautiful inbound pass, Turner took three steps and then put the ball in the air, and it is safe to say it was good all the way. Turner saved the dream of a Big Ten Tournament championship, and the Buckeyes would go onto win the B1G after beating Illinois in the semifinals in double overtime and then beating Minnesota by 30 in the finals.

There isn't too much to say on this one because it speaks for itself for every hoops fan. Evan Turner until I die.


What is your favorite Ohio State-Michigan basketball moment?

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  • 6%
    Kyle Young’s ripped jersey game in 2020 (Connor)
    (3 votes)
  • 76%
    Evan Turner buzzer beater against Michigan in 2010 (Justin)
    (38 votes)
  • 18%
    Neither of these
    (9 votes)
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