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Instant Recap Podcast: Ohio State lost to Michigan 45-23, and the Buckeyes have nowhere to hide

The Buckeyes failed in The Game and now a fanbase ponders what’s next

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Ohio State lost to the Michigan Wolverines in Columbus for the first time since 2000 losing 45-23 in a game where the Buckeyes were out schemed, out toughed, and out played.

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To get the show started, the guys get into a discussion about the failures of Ohio State the last two years and how the moment was too big for everyone in the program. Ryan Day’s seat is hot, and now the Buckeyes have nowhere to hide.

Then the duo gets into a discussion about J.J. McCarthy’s performance, and how he epitomized the difference between the two teams. They talk about how when his team needed a big play, he made it giving them the confidence moving forward.

Ohio State’s secondary was atrocious and this leads to a conversation about the secondary moving forward. This also leads to a discussion about how the team came up short in more ways than just scheme as the Buckeyes took on the personality of their head coach.

After that, Jordan and Chris discuss Ryan Day’s extremely hot seat and how we will truly find out what Day is made of since he is fully backed into a corner now.

To conclude the show, they give some advice to take with you on the road. This was an emotional episode and a lot fo ranting was done, so the show summary does not include everything.

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