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We’ll talk about this later: When rivalry week goes wrong (I need to get the taste of this pizza out of my mouth)

Your dose of lighthearted takes from yesterday’s games.

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Each week, we’ll break down something that happened during the Ohio State game (and occasionally other games) that we’ll be talking about for a while—you know, the silly sideline interactions, the awful announcing and the weird storylines that stick with us for years to come. We’ll also compare each of these happenings to memorable moments in pop culture, because who doesn’t love a good Office reference?

Ugh, yesterday was rough, so let’s keep it brief. Yesterday’s loss to Michigan eliminated Ohio State’s hopes of a Big Ten title and drastically reduced the odds of a College Football Playoff appearance. It’s absolutely disappointing.

For the second-straight season, the consolation prize looks to be a spot in the Rose Bowl Game. In most seasons and for most teams, that would be a mark of a successful year. But not for Ohio State.

There are many reasons this loss stings. It sucks to lose to a rival. It sucks to lose on Senior Day. It sucks to miss out on the aforementioned accolades and see Michigan representing the Big Ten East when it could have been us. But it also sucks that we have to wait until January for the chance to get this bad taste of a loss out of our mouths, and all the way until next November to have another crack at beating Michigan.

It’s like when Michael Scott accidentally got the bad pizza from Pizza by Alfredo instead of the good pizza from Alfredo’s Pizza Café.

Michael had to drive all the way to New York to get real, New York-style sushi before he could relieve himself of that bad taste and bitter feeling.

Just hang on, Buckeye Nation. We’ll get our New York-style sushi soon.