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LGHL Asks: How are you feeling about Ohio State football following The Game?

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

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A lot has happened over the past week to shake the confidence of Ohio State football fans. So, as Buckeye fans approach a weekend that will undoubtedly be full of emotion, anticipation, and anxiety waiting to see where their favorite team will play its postseason football, we wanted to take the temperature of the fanbase to see how everyone is feeling after a second-straight loss to Michigan.

Question 1: If you could magically change one aspect of OSU’s on-field performance, what would it be?

If we’re being honest, there are undoubtedly more than one thing that most Buckeye fans would like to see improved on this year’s squad, but these four options were the ones that most sprung to mind.

There has been a lot of good that we have seen from this team over the past three months, from improved linebacker play to incredible wide receiver performances; some of the best throws in OSU history to the reemergence of the Buckeye pass rush. However, there were things that left a lot to be desired.

As always, I have my pick, but I will save my thoughts until y’all have a chance to respond.

Question 2: Do you still want Ohio State to make the College Football Playoff?

I am going to write something about this for later in the week, but I have a much different opinion on this topic than I did four years ago. Back then, I didn’t think that the Buckeyes stacked up well against the best teams in the country that year, but now, I think that they probably are the most talented team in college football, and with lessons learned from The Game beatdown, they would have a shot to win a couple games and bring home a title.

However, I do not fault anyone for being hesitant about seeing the Buckeyes facing off against Michigan again, or even Georgia. I think that is totally fair and I try to never tell anyone how to be a fan.

Question 3: How much more or less optimistic about the future of the Ohio State football program are you now than last week?

I mean, I don’t know how you could possibly be more optimistic than you were last week, unless you expected the Buckeyes to lose by 50, so the actual result was better than you had envisioned. However, I am interested in the degree to wich people’s feelings have changed. Was it a small move in the more dour dimension or was it a dramatic turn in your perception?

I personally don’t think it changes my opinion all that much, I still think that there are obvious issues that need addressing, but I didn’t need to see the Buckeyes get beaten that badly to tell me that. However, I do think that a little adjustment in the wrong direction is appropriate given what we saw last Saturday.

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