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Since 1899 Podcast: Ohio State guard Adrienne Johnson

In the first episode of an Ohio State women’s basketball podcast, a WNBA original talks about her journey in the sport.

Assistant Athletic Director and coach Adrienne Johnson on the Louisville Cardinals bench (second from the right)
Taris Smith | Louisville Athletics

Since 1899 is an Ohio State Women’s Basketball podcast, covering the team that dates back all the way to the turn of the 19th century. Check back throughout the season for more interviews and coverage of the historic Big Ten women’s basketball program.

The Ohio State women’s basketball program has a storied history and in the first episode of Since 1899, a freshman from the 92/93 NCAA Championship runner-up run joins the show. Adrienne Johnson is a Louisville, Kentucky native who chose Columbus, Ohio as her college pick.

In the episode, Johnson talks about her 17 years with the Louisville Cardinals and returning to the court in as an assistant coach in 2022. She talks about how building trust is key with college players, especially in a world that’s pulling them in all different directions.

Then, coach Johnson discusses how she chose Ohio State, her initial thoughts about the new defunct ABL, and a strategic mindset of choosing which city to try out for the WNBA.

Johnson’s entire story falls back on hard work, but that’s not all a player can do in order to become successful. She shares what that extra piece of the puzzle is for aspiring pro women’s basketball players.

Finally, Johnson discusses how she’s still a Buckeye, even though she’s working for her hometown university. Coach shares her thoughts about Ohio State head coach Kevin McGuff, rooting for the Buckeyes unless they’re playing Louisville, and even some thoughts on the Ohio State game against TTUN.

There’s also a companion story about the Adrienne Johnson you can read now, by clicking this link.

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