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Which Buckeye will win Offensive Rookie of the Year?

It’s a shame there can’t be a tie.

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Buckeyes aren’t just good at Ohio State; once they go pro, they dominate in the NFL, too! Especially this new generation of Buckeyes — the receiving duo of Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson are doing amazing, as we all suspected they would be.

The only problem is, there can only be ONE Offensive Rookie of the Year. Who will it be?

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

At the moment, Wilson currently has the best odds to win out of all the rookies. As a Jets fan, I can attest more to his success rather than Olave’s, because I watch Wilson every week. It doesn’t matter who the quarterback has been, he has put the team on his back and carried them to victory.

Wilson has quickly become WR1 on the Jets’ offense. He has adjusted rather seamlessly to the NFL, and is a lot tougher than I thought he would be. No hate on the man, but he is a bit small and therefore I thought he would be fragile. That is definitely not the case, as he takes big hits each week and pops right back up.

On the season, he has 868 yards on 63 receptions and four touchdowns. He is averaging 13.8 yards per catch. That’s pretty dang good! His total yards are good for 16th best in the league. When you think about all of the great receivers in the NFL and the yards they’re racking up each game, it’s impressive to see Wilson right there with them.

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Wow, I knew Olave was doing well, but I didn’t know just how well. In fact, his stats are almost identical to Wilson’s. He has 887 yards, good for 12th best in the league, on 60 receptions and three touchdowns. He is also averaging 14.8 yards per catch. Both receiver’s stats are just phenomenal for first-year players.

Olave is also WR1 on the Saints, as Michael Thomas has been injured for the majority of the year. The second-leading receiver on the team is Jarvis Landry, and he only has 272 yards. It is impressive how well Olave has been doing considering the quarterbacks that have been throwing to him. Jameis Winston struggled and Andy Dalton hasn’t done much better. I’m sure that both Olave and Wilson wish they had Justin Fields throwing to them again!

The Saints have a star running back in Alvin Kamara, and he is relied heavily upon in the run and passing game. Otherwise, Olave makes up the majority of New Orleans’ pass attack. Without him, they would be struggling more than they already are. He has been showing all season long why he is so important to this team.

It is so difficult to decide which Buckeye receiver should win OROY. They are pretty much in identical situations by being on mediocre teams (except I would argue that the Jets are better than mediocre), quickly become WR1 and finding success while doing so. Their stats and importance to their teams are also both the same. I know the title of this column was “Which Buckeye will win Offensive Rookie of the Year?” but I honestly don’t have an answer for you.

Obviously, I’d be happy with either, but let’s circle back in a couple of weeks.


Who do you think will win OROY?

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    Garrett Wilson
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    Chris Olave
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