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Buck Off Podcast: Ohio State state of program, checklist for future success, and listener questions

The guys are talking about the state of the program and our checklist for future Ohio State success

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I’m joined by Jordan Williams to discuss where we stand on some current aspects of Ohio State’s program and our checklist for future success.

We start the show with a quick discussion about Ohio State’s playoff chances and how the Buckeyes are not dead yet. In this segment, we talk about if the Buckeyes deserve to go and why, even if it doesn’t fall Ohio State’s way, the weekend will still have great football.

Then we get into our vent sesh on the current state of the program. This conversation leads talks about the future of some coaches and players. We also dive into our thoughts on where Ryan Day is and what he needs to do to earn the trust of Buckeye Nation back.

Next, we get into our checklist for the Buckeyes having success moving forward. We talk about the future of Ohio State’s strength and conditioning, which leads to a conversation about complacency among some coaches. This then leads into a discussion about Ohio State’s current identity and where it needs to go from here.

Then, to close out the show, we get into our listener questions, which includes some recruiting, draft, transfer portal and more!

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