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Order your limited edition Brutus Buckeye College Football Playoff bobblehead today!

You could get one for the other teams in the CFP if you want to, but clearly one of them is far more lame than the others.

Buckeye Nation, it is officially Peach Bowl Week, and this week between Christmas and the start of the College Football Playoff is going to be crazy, so, if you tend to partake in a little retail therapy to soothe your frazzled nerves, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Our fine friends at FOCO have just released new, limited-edition bobbleheads for the four teams competing in the CFP on Saturday; of course, since one of the four teams in the final four is arrogant and doesn’t have a mascot, their representative bobblehead is significantly more lame than the rest, because it just has to feature a nameless, faceless player... but I digress.

The Ohio State-specific bobblehead features an eight-inch Brutus on a scarlet and gray decorated football field in front of the words “CFP Bound.” The playoff logo and year mark the special occasion for the team and make this a must-have collector’s item. But, you better hurry if you want to get yours.

There are only 144 hand-painted, hand-crafted bobbleheads available for each team, so if you want one (and you know you do), pre-order yours for $75!

Get Your Brutus Buckeye College Football Playoff Bobblehead!

FOCO has been killing it with Brutus bobbleheads this year. Most recently, they released an absolute must-have Brutus “Then and Now” bobblehead featuring the current and original versions of everybody’s favorite poisonous nut! And starting in October, to celebrate Halloween, the company released a “Phantom of the Opera-themed bobblehead featuring our boy Brutus in a picture-perfect Spooky Season costume. The company also released a Thanksgiving Day Parade-inspired Brutus bobblehead and a Brutus in Christmas pajamas in front of the fireplace bobblehead. Also, as over the summer, FOCO released very snazzy Brutus Buckeye Bighead.

In addition, FOCO just released a pair of bobbleheads to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ohio Stadium. One features Brutus, while the other shows Woody Hayes strutting above The Horseshoe. Also, OSU great Chris Olave got his own Gate Series bobblehead joining fellow former Buckeye greats Chase Young, Justin Fields, Cameron Heyward, Carlos Hyde, Joey Bosa, and Michael Thomas who had their boobleheads released in August.

As someone with a borderline unhealthy Ohio State bobblehead/collectible addiction, I can think of no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with one (or all) of these magnificent merchandising masterpieces.