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You’re Nuts: What is your new year’s resolution for any Ohio State team?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

Ohio State v Houston Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

New year, new me; it’s resolution time! As we enter 2023, we’re probably all thinking of goals we want to achieve this year. Some of the most common resolutions include living healthier, personal improvement, weight loss, career goals and financial goals, and we probably have our own methods of trying to achieve them.

However, since we’re us, Brett and Meredith also thought through resolutions they have for Ohio State and what we’d like them to achieve this year. And while most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by February. But Brett and Meredith are hoping Ohio State can keep them up longer — at least through March.

Today’s question: What is your new year’s resolution for any Ohio State team?

We’d love to hear your choices. Either respond to us on Twitter at @Landgrant33 or leave your choice in the comments.

Brett’s answer: For the Ohio State men’s basketball team to stop losing on the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament

The last time the Ohio State men’s basketball team made it out of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament was back in 2013, when they lost in the Elite Eight to Wichita State. Since then, the Buckeyes have made the NCAA Tournament six times, losing in their first game twice, and in the second round four times.

The lack of a Sweet Sixteen appearance has some Ohio State fans questioning if Chris Holtmann is the right man for the job despite Holtmann winning at least 20 games in each of his first five seasons in Columbus. Even though Ohio State looks like they’ll be headed towards another 20-win season, I’ve already seen people assuming the Buckeyes will waste this season and get bounced early in March.

I love March Madness, whether Ohio State makes a run in the tournament or not. Buckeye Nation is due to see the shootyhoops team threaten to make a Final Four. Plus, this team has a great mix of players that could do some damage in the tournament. Not only are Zed Key and Justice Sueing fun to watch when they are on, Holtmann has brought in a couple talented freshmen in Brice Sensabaugh and Bruce Thornton.

It feels like a bit of a must to make a deeper journey into the tourney this year, since Sensabaugh is looking like he could be a one-and-done player, and the Buckeyes already wasted the little bit of time they had Malaki Branham last year.

While I’ve been a Holtmann defender over the last few years — since it’s hard to think of a realistic replacement that would be better than the Ohio State head coach — my position would undoubtedly change if we got another season that ended with an early NCAA Tournament exit.

Meredith’s answer: For the Ohio State women’s basketball team to make a Final Four

I’m also going to stick with hoops and resolve for a Final Four appearance from the Ohio State women’s basketball team. In a time when it feels like parity is finally coming into play for women’s hoops, Kevin McGuff has had the Buckeyes well-positioned for a run in recent years. This year could be the time they break it open.

A good resolution follows SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) goal setting practices. A Final Four run for the women’s team would be a natural extension of last year’s success, which saw the Buckeyes’ first Sweet Sixteen appearance since 2017. They also won the Big Ten regular season in 2022.

Speaking of which, the Big Ten is on the rise on the national stage when it comes to women’s hoops. Though perennial powers like South Carolina, Stanford and UConn remain teams to beat, undefeated Ohio State remains No. 3 in the AP Poll this week, just ahead of Indiana. Iowa, Michigan and Maryland are also contenders for a conference title.

Ohio State hasn’t made a Final Four since 1993, which feels like the Golden Age of Ohio State women’s basketball, but they have all the pieces to be able to make a run this season. Six players, including a healthy mix of new faces and veterans, are averaging in double figures as the team enters the meat of conference play.