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We’ll talk about this later: They are who we thought they were (Bills fans, that is)

Your dose of lighthearted takes from this week’s happenings.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Each week, we’ll break down something that happened during the Ohio State game (and occasionally other games and events) that we’ll be talking about for a while—you know, the silly sideline interactions, the awful announcing and the weird storylines that stick with us for years to come. We’ll also compare each of these happenings to memorable moments in pop culture, because who doesn’t love a good Office reference?

Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas! Amid the gifts this weekend brought us were a host of NFL games starting on Christmas Eve, including the Buffalo Bills traveling to Chicago to take on the Bears.

Saturday was famously chilly in the Windy City. As dangerous weather crossed the nation, the story of the NFL weekend quickly became the sub-zero temperatures and wind chills that would set the stage for the day’s matchups.

For my part, Christmas Eve morning found me at brunch with my husband ahead of the matinee performance of The Nutcracker here in Chicago. It was interesting enough that the Joffrey Ballet’s interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s most well known work included scenes from the 1892 World’s Fair — which happened to feature a vignette of “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” on the day the modern football Bills were visiting the city.

As we traversed perhaps 100 yards from our parking spot to brunch, I feared my excessive outerwear would not be enough to sustain me and I would end up frozen like Anna at the crescendo of Frozen.

Thawing indoors, I glanced outside the window to see a Bills fan clearly moving toward a tailgate. Wearing a hoodie and jeans, he carried in his ungloved hands an unopened pack of hand warmers, a bottle of Bulleit and a Diet Coke.

When I imagine the mythical Buffalo fan, this dude — outside, rawdogging it on a -10 degree morning while walking much more than 100 yards — was exactly it. Like Dennis Green famously said of the Chicago Bears, they are what we thought they were.

When it came to the game itself, of course Buffalo was prepared to handle a struggling Bears squad whatever the weather. And also deal with the snow when they got back home.