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Stick to Sports Podcast: Catching Up on Ohio State MBB & WBB, Olympic figure skating controversy

Matt and Jami also recommend a pair of foreign films, because they are those people.

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Land-Grant Holy Land’s Stick to Sports is unlike any podcast you’ve heard on the Ohio State beat. Your hosts, Matt Tamanini and Jami Jurich, will (of course) talk Ohio State sports, but the primary focus of the show will be on what’s going on around the periphery, such as weird/funny happenings in college football and the sports world at large, as well as other things that keep us interested in between games, whether that’s pop culture, social media trends— you name it.

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Over the past two weeks, Jami has been focused solely on the Winter Olympics in Beijing, so she has been neglecting all of the other things that she normally cares about, so Matt gives her a rundown of where things stand for both the Ohio State men’s and women’s basketball teams as they fight for postseason seedings and fleeting chances to secure Big Ten regular season titles.

Then, they turn the tables as Jami goes in-depth to explain the controversy over 15-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva positive drug test, the Olympic rulings that allowed her to compete, and the ripples it had throughout the sports world. Spoiler Alert: Jami and Matt both have very strong feelings about the IOC and Russia’s handling of this entire fiasco.

Finally, the pair both recommend a foreign film nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

Jami’s Recommendation: “Drive My Car”:

Matt’s Recommendation: “The Worst Person in the World”:

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