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Buck Off Podcast: Meeting the new coaches, player introductions, Jim Harbaugh is back

The guys are back to discuss the press conferences of the new hires, Jim Harbaugh’s Costanza-esque return, and January enrollees

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined, as always, by Jordan Williams for the fourth episode of Ohio State’s offseason and we discuss the return of JIm Harbaugh to Michigan who never left, but sure acted like he did.

We begin the show by talking about the impact of Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan for the NFL, and the fall out of him having to return after not receiving an offer. The discussion heads into how a staff recovers from the instability and if Harbaugh is serious about his words that every offseason won’t be this way.

After that conversation we discuss the introductory press conferences and we get into our favorite moments. We talk Justin Frye’s approach, Perry Eliano’s confidence, and why we think Tim Walton will be a star for the Buckeyes. We close out with Jim Knowles and how he is an architect in football coaches clothing.

After the break, we get into the player introductions and our infatuation with Devin Brown. We also discuss Tanner McAlister and how the young guys seemed extremely prepared. Then we get into some of the quick news notes surrounding the Buckeyes.

Our final discussion is about the new group licensing deal Fanatics unveiled and why we’re extremely excited for it.

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