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LGHL Uncut Podcast: Holtmann, Ahrens, Key discuss Ohio State’s big home victory over Maryland

Maryland interim head coach Danny Manning also spoke to the media.

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Throughout the season, Land-Grant Holy Land will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conference, but also from individual interview sessions.

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In this episode you will hear from both head coaches — Chris Holtmann and Danny Manning — as well as select Ohio State players following Ohio State’s 82-67 victory over Maryland Sunday afternoon in the Schottenstein Center. Manning spoke first, repeating several times that Ohio State has several guys who can really make you pay, and that allowing a team to shoot 60% in the first half isn’t going to win you many games.

Then, Justin Ahrens — and later Zed Key — step in to discuss Ohio State’s tenth home victory of the season in 10 tries. Ahrens took questions alone first, as Key was held up speaking to his adoring fans as he tried to exit the arena floor. Ahrens talked about the stress of going through the tough stretch he went through, and the vitriol some fans had been showing him lately. Key also sang Ahrens praises and expressed how happy he was for his teammate following his big game.

Finally, Holtmann talked to the media about starting and finishing strong, something he says the Buckeyes were not able to do against Purdue last weekend. He expressed how happy he was for Ahrens, and thanked the Buckeye Nuthouse for “consistently being phenomenal” all season long.

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