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Football recruits leave Columbus highly impressed with Ohio State

Want to know what some of the prospects had to say about their time in Columbus? We found out for you.

2024 CB Bryce West
Photo via Bryce West/@bryvonny

It was back to business for Ryan Day and the Ohio State football coaching staff over the last week or so. Playing host to a solid list of prospects from across the country, the Buckeyes might’ve not landed a verbal pledge, but they did help themselves get even more involved in the recruitment of numerous highly sought after high school recruits.

Having highly rated and under-the-radar recruits on campus, the visits gave Day, Larry Johnson, Brian Hartline, Kevin Wilson, and the rest of the staff at Ohio State an opportunity to actually meet and mingle with many of these recruits for the first time in person.

Want to see what some of the prospects had to say about their time spent with the Buckeyes coaching staff in Columbus? Land-Grant Holy Land caught up with the following recruits and grabbed their thoughts on Ohio State, and much more:

4-star Edge Jacob Smith

Class: 2024
Town: Windsor, CT/The Loomis Chaffee School
Size: 6-foot-5, 225 lbs.
Offers: Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State, etc

Thoughts: “The trip went amazing. got to learn a few things about the program. but we didn’t do much traveling other than a tour of the campus. but they told us about traditions the have. I got to speak with coach Day, he talked about the program and how they would like for me to be a buckeye one day. I also got to speak with coach Fleming, he is the one who set everything up. And then coach Johnson, he talked about what it take to be a Buckeye and what he likes to do. And said he would like for us to come down again.”

4-star DL Jerod Smith

Class: 2024
Town: Windsor, CT/The Loomis Chaffee School
Size: 6-foot-3, 240 lbs.
Offers: Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers, etc

Thoughts: “The trip was nice. They broke it up over two days so we got to see a lot of stuff and talk to a lot of people. I got to speak with several coaches but coach Larry Johnson and coach Cam Spence, and coach Day all said we need to build a better relationship. A Ohio State offer would be huge and it would mean a lot to me. When I think of OSU football I think of dominance and brotherhood.”

3-star TE Vance Bolyard

Class: 2023
Town: Greensboro, NC/Northern Guilford
Size: 6-foot-5, 225 lbs.
Offers: Louisville, Maryland, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, etc

Thoughts: “I really enjoyed my visit there. Coach Wilson made sure I was taken care of at all times. A few things that stuck out to me was the level of excellence everyone had, how everyone helped each other. It wasn’t a competition between who’s going to start and who’s not. They all helped each other succeed and I loved that. The coaches also coached very well. There’s so many coaches (in sports) that are actually just facilitators and don’t ever tell people what to do better, they just get mad and tell them to do better instead of instructing them on what to do to be successful. Ohio State did a great job of that (coaching you to get better). Another thing that stuck out to me was their view on recovery. It’s very hard to work as hard as possible every day without enough rest and recovery, and Ohio State takes it very seriously with their cryo machine, sleep tanks, massage chairs, etc.

I also really enjoyed the campus. I’m from the south and I went to the eagle for some fried chicken and it was some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. I thought I was going to get an offer by the way they introduced me to everyone and how everyone already seemed like they knew who I was before I even met them. But he said he’s going to come watch me in the spring and then have me back up in the summer hopefully. He also said he’s not going to tell me to commit but he’s also not going to tell me to wait on them, as he said he’ll still offer if I’m committed already.”

CB Bryce West

Class: 2024
Town: Cleveland, OH/Glenville
Size: 5-foot-11, 177 lbs.
Offers: Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Pittsburgh, etc

Thoughts: “The trip was amazing. I had a great time with the coaches and seeing the players compete. I learned a lot of new things about the college level and how coaches are going to coach you and how you have to focus up at that level and pay attention and learn how to be a player. I had the chance to see the locker room, the indoor and outdoor field and was able to visit the weight room. I had a chance to put on the uniforms. I actually had chances to sit in a defensive meeting with the guys listen to the game plans and how their defense is ran.

What really stood out was seeing the passion of how they played football and how they make it their job to be perfect. There’s no mistakes made and I love seeing the coaching and how the practices are such high intensity and fast pace.

The coaches are amazing guys. They have a passion for it. They’re going to love you up but at the same time show you how to be a man. They’ll let you know there’s no time for mistakes. They care very much about the athletes and they’re high intensity coaches. I loved being around those guys and meeting them in person.”

3-star WR Javien Brownlee

Class: 2023
Town: Clayton, OH/Northmont
Size: 5-foot-10, 170 lbs.
Offers: Ball State, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Toledo, Western Michigan, etc

Thoughts: “The trip went great. The energy and competition of the practices were crazy. Definitely motivating. The facilities and pretty much everything stood out. First class program. Just to be able to speak with coach Day and be able to put a face with my name was good to me. It was their first practice so it was busy. But I talked with coach Day and he was just asking us what we thought of the facility and practice and just talking football talk. Just saying keep balling and they’ll be watching. I’ll be back up again for camp.”