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SBN Reacts: Fans across the country pick the Sweet Sixteen... Ohio State not included

Lots of good info here about how people are thinking about the tournament.

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lFriends, with the First Four in the rearview mirror, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament gets going in earnest today, so our friends at SBN Reacts wanted to get a feel for how fans around the country were feeling heading into the Big Dance.

Let’s start with this question for absolutely no specific or discernable reason:

No notes. No notes at all. Carry on, SBN Reacts.

So if TTUN shouldn’t have made it, who does the populace think should have been in the field instead?

Sorry Aggie fans, maybe you should start buying basketball players now too?

Since 79% of the survey respondents think that the committee got the four No. 1 seeds correct, let’s see who they think will lose first.

No back-to-back titles for the Bears, according to the SBN nation.

Now let’s take a look at which non-No. 1 seed that folks think can make the national semifinal.

Is Cal excited about this news or just really passionate about letting us know that we don’t talk about Bruno?

Let’s move on to some lower-seeded teams. It’s close, but it looks like the Hoosiers are the peoples’ pick to pull the upset.

I voted for San Francisco to be the Cinderella just out of respect for Bill Russell, but it looks like the rest of you heathens don’t respect history.

Ok, time to turn our attention to some other potential deep runs.

Basically a two-team race, but having seen the ups and downs of Illinois’ season, I could definitely see them making a run... or not making it past the first weekend.

Ok, now let’s run through the results from all of the regions. First up, the SBN Reacts survey picked the West as the toughest region; Gonzaga, Duke, Texas Tech, Arkansas, I get it.

But here’s the fun stuff, here are the teams that the survey respondents picked to make the Sweet Sixteen, in order of percentage.

SBN Reacts Sweet Sixteen Percentages

Team Percentage
Team Percentage
Gonzaga 93%
Arizona 88%
Kansas 86%
Kentucky 84%
Baylor 79%
Tennessee 78%
Auburn 73%
Villanova 73%
Wisconsin 72%
Iowa 70%
Texas Tech 69%
Purdue 67%
Duke 67%
UCLA 64%
Arkansas 59%
Illinois 49%

For what it’s worth the Buckeyes got a whopping 11% of the vote in this part of the bracket. Their first-round opponent, Loyola-Chicago got 16%, but Villanova is obviously the big dog in this foursome.

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