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Buck Off Podcast: Ohio State vs. Loyola, positions with most questions, scholarship limits

The Buckeyes start the men’s basketball tournament and the guys are here to get into some roster questions facing the football team.

Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined, as always, by Jordan Williams to about Ohio State’s chances in the NCAA Tournaments.

We begin the show by discussing Ohio State’s match-up against Loyola-Chicago and how the expectations for the Buckeyes are anyone’s guess. We talk about their injuries and how the Buckeyes getting just healthy enough could lead to a run. Then we finish off with why March Madness is the best.

After that, we get into a discussion about the biggest question mark position groups on the roster. The Buckeyes have a loaded roster and tons of talent, but there are a few position groups we just don’t fully have a picture for. We ask some questions and try to answer them.

Then we get into the scholarship limit and why the Buckeyes will probably need to see some people leave before Fall camp starts. We list off some players and discuss the positions and players that we don’t see having clear paths to playing time.

Lastly, we discuss the schedule for the Buckeyes and we get into the first four games of the season. We talk about expectations for Notre Dame under Freeman, the two pay games, and why opening up with Wisconsin in conference play should be incredibly interesting.

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