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Consistency the key for Buckeyes to land five-star receiver Carnell Tate in 2023

Brian Hartline’s relentless pursuit has him in great position to land another elite receiver for his room.

5-star, Carnell Tate

It comes across as repetitive, but the narrative remains the same: Brian Hartline is the best receivers coach in the country, and it’s because of all incredible tools he brings to the table. Whether it’s the college and NFL success and personal experience to relay to his players or the proof of his development, his ability to recruit is like none other. In a short time, Hartline has made himself a household name, and the Buckeyes are reaping the benefits of having him as a major part of their coaching staff.

With recruiting specifically, having the success he’s had in every recruiting class he’s been a part of, Hartline has brought in some of the most talented receivers Ohio State has ever had. However, the most impressive aspect has been his doing so not just with one or two players, but with multiple targets in every class. You’ve seen him land the top receivers in the country in back-to-back years and that’s not all. If there’s a player he wants at the position, he tends to get them in the fold.

In the 2023 class, Hartline will be expected to land another elite group of guys at the position, and while he has Ohio State in great position for a few of them, if there’s one player who has been identified from the beginning as the top priority for coach Hartline, it’s five-star wideout, Carnell Tate.

The IMG Academy product certainly isn’t a new name to Ohio State fans, as the Illinois native has long been coveted by the entire Buckeye coaching staff. For Brian Hartline, Tate has been atop of the leader board for the receivers in 2023, and the ultimate goal will be earning his commitment when all is said and done as he continues to get closer to making the final call. Until then, Hartline will continue his relentless approach that hopefully gives the Buckeyes the good news.

There’s not a program that’s in better position to land Tate than Ohio State. For a couple of reasons that we will dive into a bit deeper, all developments are trending towards Columbus.

Reason 1: Familiarity

Off the bat, there’s not another program that Tate has seen more than Ohio State. Making several visits to Columbus already, Tate has seen everything he needs to from the Buckeyes that would be necessary before making a commitment. Truth be told, there’s really not much more the coaching staff can give him to make him more comfortable with Ohio State.

Having been on campus during the summer months, attending games, and even beyond, Tate has been a regular guest on campus and surely that is one of the main reasons why Ohio State is in such a great spot for his potential pledge. Touring the facilities, stadium, and more is all great, but the familiarity with the staff and not just the sights is the biggest aspect here for Tate, and that will be a major theme until the end.

Reason 2: Results

In many ways, the Buckeyes are the perfect fit for Tate because all they can offer. First off, the program wins and does so at the highest level. Always being in the mix for the playoff, Big Ten Championship, and more, Ohio State continues to be a destination spot in the college landscape for top recruits because of their proven results on the field. The same can be said for 2023, where they’ll be in great spots to land several top national recruiting targets. That’s always going to be a top recruiting pitch for the coaching staff.

In addition, the development Ohio State offers is right at the top of the college football landscape. Regardless of position, most know by now what the Buckeyes are able to do and it’s seen on Sunday’s on many NFL rosters. Coaches at Ohio State have proven track records that they can get their guys to the ultimate level, and Brian Hartline is a perfect example of that being true in the highest form. Having developed guys for the NFL as well as playing in the league, receivers coming to Columbus are doing so because they see what they can do on the field for Ohio State, which in turn many times gets them to playing on Sundays.

Reason 3: Consistency

Though the first two reasons are major aspects as to why Ohio State is in great position for Tate, the most important aspect for the Buckeyes is their consistency. A broad topic, the consistency Ohio State shows in every aspect in large part is why they’re a top choice for any major recruit they’re after. The emphasis this staff has placed on landing Tate for the 2023 class is the greatest form of consistency they can have.

Yes, both Ryan Day and Hartline have circled Tate’s name in red from the start, but their efforts to constantly be in contact look to be what is winning out, at least right now. Let’s face it, every top program Tate is considering has the facilities, stadium, and beyond to impress a top recruit, but what Ohio State brings to the table is a commitment to keep him as their top priority while they look to build the rest of their class.

If there’s one trend worth watching until Tate makes his commitment public, in this regard, it’s believing that the Buckeyes will win out in the end all because of the dedication they have shown to him as their top guy and being consistent in all that they do.


Way back in June of last year, Tate released a top 10 schools. Now, there’s of course been the narrowing down to five programs with Tennessee, Notre Dame, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio State making the cut. As Tate continues to weed through the process and see the programs on his final schools list, his recruitment will get closer to commitment. As things currently stand, the Buckeyes look like they’re currently in the best spot to land his pledge.

Having been to Tennessee already this winter and recently to Notre Dame just about a week ago, Tate is definitely making his way through the recruiting process and getting closer to having his mind made up. A few more trips are scheduled, and while it’s possible a commitment could come, it’s more realistic that his official visits are concluded first.

Fresh off his latest visit to South Bend to see Notre Dame, 247Sports insider Tom Loy projected Tate to Ohio State with a Crystal Ball prediction, and with the Irish long being the other program so closely associated to Tate, that is just another telling sign for the Buckeyes being in great position.

The third-best receiver in the class and No. 21 player nationally per 247Sports is going to be a major get for any of the five schools still in the running, but if it’s Ohio State, it would keep the trend alive of landing the top receivers in the country thanks to Brian Hartline and the theme of consistency.