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Bucketheads Podcast: Talking social media with OSU’s Joe Gemma, transfer portal update, and more

Plus, Justice Sueing is back, but Meechie Johnson and Justin Ahrens are gone. Much to discuss.

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Pittsburgh Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Land-Grant Holy Land’s newest podcast, ‘Bucketheads’ takes you on a journey across the college basketball landscape every episode. The only basketball-focused podcast in the LGHL family of podcasts, co-hosts Connor Lemons and Justin Golba give the latest scoop on the Ohio State Buckeyes as well as all the other happenings in the college hoops world. ‘Bucketheads’ will be released every Thursday throughout the regular season and every other Thursday during the off-season.

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During episode 36, Connor and Justin talk to Joe Gemma, the man behind the Ohio State men’s and women’s hoops' social media accounts. The guys talked to Joe about running a brand account, the differences and freedoms that he has compared to the football social team, and some stories from being around the team for five seasons. He also discusses the importance and influence that social media has on recruiting in 2022.

The boys also discuss the Tanner Holden commitment, the hiring of Jack Owens, and other visits that the hoops teams have set up. Plus, Justin Ahrens and Meechie Johnson have hit the transfer portal, and Justice Sueing is back for one more season.

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