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Buck Off Podcast: Remaining defensive questions, offensive expectations, Florida recruiting

The guys are back to get into their questions for the Buckeyes after the Spring Game and they get into the recruiting the state of Florida

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” Chris and Jordan Williams discuss Ohio State’s Spring Game, and the questions they still have.

To start the show, they discuss their experiences at the game watching the Buckeyes for the first time in 2022. They then talk about the size of the stadium and how much different seeing everything happening live feels.

After that, they get into what the Spring Game means for the Buckeyes as they head into next season. They also talk about Jim Knowle’s defense, starting with the defensive backfield and then talking about the depth in the secondary and on the defensive line. Then Chris and Jordan get into some discussion about the expectations for a linebacker group and pass rush that they don’t yet know a lot about.

They also discuss Ryan Day’s offense and the answers we got on Saturday. They break down the talent in the backfield and how much is also present in the quarterback room. They next get into the Buckeyes figuring out the tight end room, why the receiver transition might not be seamless, and then close out the offensive conversation with the biggest question mark on that side of the ball: the offensive line.

The Buckeyes have built a steady pipeline from Florida to Columbus, so the pair also gets into why that has recently resurged and talks about the recruits that the Buckeyes have landed recently.

They also discuss the current state of the recruiting class and how this cycle might end up looking geographically. Lastly, they discuss if some teams are getting a little too confident heading to the offseason.

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