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Bucketheads Podcast: Team 124’s roster is starting to take shape

We drafted our all-time Ohio State teams (since 2000) and brainstormed what the Buckeyes’ lineup may look like this fall.

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Photo courtesy of Connor Lemons — Land-Grant Holy Land

Land-Grant Holy Land’s newest podcast, ‘Bucketheads’ takes you on a journey across the college basketball landscape every episode. The only basketball-focused podcast in the LGHL family of podcasts, co-hosts Connor Lemons and Justin Golba give the latest scoop on the Ohio State Buckeyes as well as all the other happenings in the college hoops world. ‘Bucketheads’ will be released every Thursday throughout the regular season and every other Thursday during the off-season.

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This week we caught up on all of the happening of the Ohio State men’s basketball program — from the roster to coaching staff to future recruits. What will the lineup look like with several players who can “swing” between the 2, 3, and 4 positions, but few with experience at point guard? When will the coaching staff be finalized, and could we see a recent Buckeye hooper get added to the staff as part of the support staff?

We then drafted our “all-time” Ohio State teams, but only went back to 2000 because we’re naïve millennials who weren’t around to watch the likes of Jerry Lucas and so on. Did we leave anyone out? Did we include someone who shouldn’t be there? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @BucketheadsLGHL.

The Buckethead boys will be back in two weeks to (hopefully) discuss who Ohio State will use their thirteenth and final scholarship on!

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