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You’re Nuts: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

As we ease back into our normal routines this week, we are hoping that everybody had a great Memorial Day Weekend. After a rainy Friday, the weather around Columbus decided to cooperate with those who had some extra time off this weekend, kicking off “the unofficial start of summer” with a bang. It may sound crazy right now, but Labor Day weekend will be here before we know it, and we’ll all be amped to watch the Buckeyes and Fighting Irish clash at Ohio Stadium.

Since Memorial Day Weekend does essentially kick off summer, we are sure that many have either finalized their summer plans, or are close to having them all set. Some people are headed to the beach, while others find the mountains more appealing. Then there are those people that are more than happy to stay home this summer, either floating around the pool or relaxing in the air conditioning.

Usually we tailor our weekly question to something Buckeye or sports related. That’s not the case this week, as we are going to make things very simple. Tell us what you are most excited for this summer. A trip, concert, sporting event, or you might be excited for summer to be over already. There is no wrong answer.

Today’s question: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

We’d love to hear your choices. Either respond to us on Twitter at @Landgrant33 or leave your choice in the comments.

Brett’s answer: Vacation!

Now I’m probably going to tell you more about my family than you’ll ever want to know. My Dad and uncle live in Southern Oregon, and I’ve been out to visit a few times. This year, my Dad had booked lodgings at a resort up in Bend to celebrate my Grandma’s 85th birthday, who normally flies out to Oregon for a month in the summer. My sister, her husband, her two kids, my aunt, and maybe a few more people were planning on going.

Of course nothing can ever be easy. Earlier in the year my Grandma was hospitalized for few weeks. She’s back home in Florida, and doing well, it just means a trip of that length isn’t possible. Around the same time, my sister found out that there has been some signs of cancer returning after she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer a couple years ago. Obviously the health of both of those beloved family members took more importance over the planned trip.

Instead, my Dad and I figured we could go and see them. I’m flying down to Tampa on July 7 from Columbus, and am scheduled to land about 10 minutes before my Dad lands in Tampa. My birthday falls the next day, and then two days after that is my Grandma’s 85th birthday. What my trip to the Tampa area will actually involve I have no idea, aside from trying not to melt in the heat.

Then my Dad and I will fly up to Pennsylvania to visit my sister for a few days in Lancaster. I know that my niece and nephew, who are both under 10, will certainly keep myself and my Dad on our toes. I’ll then head back to Columbus over the weekend, while my Dad, sister, and her two kids will be driving to our hometown in Western New York. Even though we are all disappointed our original plans had to be scrapped, we made the best of it this summer.

Meredith’s answer: Chicago summer!

Brett, that might not have been your original plan, but it sounds like a pretty amazing summer spent with the people you love.

For me, in case you didn’t know, I live in Chicago, which is famous for having the most incredible summers. With the exception of a wedding in Charleston (which is absolutely a highlight of this coming summer), my husband and I are excited to be sticking around the city for most of the coming months.

The last couple of summers have obviously had their share of downs. Though 2021 was a marked improvement over 2020, and though we’re certainly not through this pandemic, it feels like things are opening up for real this time.

Maybe it’s lame to be excited to be living our usual summer life in the city where we already live, but from street festivals to water sports to pool days to Cubs games to walks for coffee or ice cream with our dog, Ruthie, the usual life is pretty darn fun.

But beyond that, like many, I think we’re yearning for a sense of normalcy after the past two years. It’s been a tough ride that’s impacted nearly every aspect of our collective lives. Something as simple as a walk to the park with Ruthie on a nice day has so much more meaning now, and it’s something we’ll never take for granted again.

But for now, you’ll find me on a patio.