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Buck Off Podcast: Bill Landis joins the show to talk OSU’s recruiting and the state of the program

The guys are joined by The Athletic’s Bill Landis and they talk all things surrounding the Ohio State football program.

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined by Jordan Williams and special guest Bill Landis of The Athletic to talk all things Ohio State.

To start the show, we take some time to learn about Bill and how he got his start on the Ohio State beat. This leads to a discussion about Ohio high school sports and Bill’s path to covering the Buckeyes.

After that, we get down to some business discussing Ohio State’s recruiting camps over the past two weeks and some of the major storylines out of there. We talk 8th graders getting recruited and how players at camps are being evaluated. We discuss the coaches at the camps as well and what we can learn by seeing how they are in that environment.

Then we throw Bill into the Buck Off fire with a conversation about Corey Dennis’ impact on the staff and in recruiting. After the Dennis conversation we talk about the offensive line and the expectations Justin Frye has on his shoulders. We talk about development, recruiting, and what the new coach is bringing to the table.

For the last part of the show, we get into Ohio State’s schedule and we discuss some of Bill’s upcoming work. This leads to some conversation about Rutgers football, Big Ten divisions, and if Penn State is truly Ohio State’s rival.

We close out the show with our final thoughts on other places we’d like to cover sports and some stories from the beat.

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