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Buck Off Podcast: Huge recruiting weekend, Marcus Freeman back tracks, and a game of What If?

The Buckeyes are hosting a huge recruiting weekend and Marcus Freeman talks about academics.

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am solo and unfortunately not joined by Jordan Williams this week as he gets some well needed time with family (because my power was out on Wednesday).

To start on this episode, we take on the heat outside to get into this hot recruiting weekend that brings a long list of top recruits to Columbus. I get into some recent conversations surrounding Brandon Inniss, Carnell Tate, and a few of the other recruits who will be on campus this weekend.

After that, I discuss some other recruiting stories that will drive the next few weeks, and some of the experts have me feeling confident heading into the end of June. I also talk about Samson Okunlola’s visit and how the new coaches have their work cut out for themselves in the 2023 class.

Marcus Freeman was interviewed and made some questionable remarks about his alma mater. I discuss why it is a big deal and why it is not as big a deal that the comments were made out to be by the media (self-included). For impartiality reasons, I get into some other coaches who have famously stepped in it during press conferences.

For the last part of the show, we get into the “What ifs” that can lead to Ohio State winning a national championship, and a conversation about the worst aspect of Ohio State football in 2021.

I close out the show with my final thoughts on what this month of recruiting will mean for the Buckeyes.

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