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You’re Nuts: Will Jon Diebler’s career three-point record ever be broken?

People are jacking up three-pointers at unprecedented rates these days, so perhaps?

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As we move into the heat of the summer, basketball recruiting is starting to really heat up for 2023 and 2024. Make sure you are tuned into the Bucketheads podcast and our basketball coverage at Land-Grant Holy Land as Ohio State looks to wrap up another top notch basketball recruiting class.

However, it is Broken Record week here at LGHL, and us at Bucketheads are discussing a certain record and if we think it will ever be broken or not. It is Jon Diebler’s career three-point record.

Before we get into that, let’s recap last week. In leu of E.J. Liddell’s unfortunate injury during the NBA Summer League, we discussed whether or not we though rookies should play in Summer league.

Connor said yes and Justin said no, and the audience determined Connor was right.

After 59 weeks (somehow), these are the current standings.

After 59 weeks:

Connor- 27
Justin- 23
Other- 7

(There have been two ties)

So as I said earlier, this week we are debating whether or not we think Jon Diebler's incredible three-point record will ever be broken. For context, Diebler made 374 three-pointers in his four year career, averaging 93.5 three-pointers per season, which is approximately two or three a game for four years consistently. Jamar Butler sits in second place with 242 career three-pointers made. So basically, not even close.

Let’s get into it.

Today’s question: Will Jon Diebler’s career three-point record ever be broken?

Connor: Yes

Wisconsin v Ohio State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

First of all, are you kidding me with those shorts? The game sure has changed a lot over the past 15 years.

Second, asking if that record will ever be broken sure does give us a long time to break it. There’s nobody on Ohio State’s roster right now that would be able to do it, but college basketball teams are taking three-pointers at unbelievably high rates now. Like many other sports, basketball is becoming analytics-driven, meaning two-point jumpers are becoming extinct. More and more, you’re seeing teams run plays that will eventually lead to an open layup or an open three — not an open shot from the elbow.

I don’t see it happening in the near future, because knocking down three triples every single game for four years is a pretty insane feat. However, with how the game is moving, and with players seemingly spending as much time on their perimeter shot as they do layups and free throws, it’s bound to happen eventually, right?

Last season, the most eager three-point shooter in the country was Liberty’s Darius McGhee, who attempted 11 three-pointers per game and hit 39% of them, resulting in 24.6 points per game to lead the Atlantic Sun Conference. Comparatively, Diebler’s most trigger-happy season was the 2009-2010 season, where he attempted 7.5 threes per game, hitting 42% of them. This resulted in 13 points per game, which was the third-most on Ohio State’s team that season.

But Connor, Liberty is in a small conference, you might say. High volume shooters in the ASUN don’t count, because nobody is guarding him! Well, the most eager three-point shooter from a power-five conference last season was Alabama’s Jaden Shackelford, who took 8.7 three-pointers per game and hit 35.1% of them — so roughly three makes per game.

So I guess this is my round-about way of saying that, if the right person is taking the shots, that yes, eventually that record will fall. It may not be soon, but plenty of college basketball players are taking the volume of threes necessary to break Diebler’s record. As college hoops becomes more three-heavy, it will just take the right four-year sniper coming to Columbus to get it done.

Justin: No

Kentucky v Ohio State Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

First of all, I agree about the shorts. Funny times. Moving on. And I am sorry about the picture because I realize that is one of, if not the, saddest outcome to an Ohio State game and season maybe ever. That team should have cut down nets.

I actually think this one is pretty easy. When you break down Diebler’s record, it is truly incredible what he accomplished from behind the arc during his time in Columbus. Diebler easily cemented himself as the best shooter in the history of the program by making 374 three pointers, good for 93.5 per season. Jon Diebler played 144 total games as a Buckeye and made 374 three-pointers. That is averaging 2.6 three-pointers per game for his entire career. I just simply don’t see that number being touched.

Right now, Jamar Butler, who was an elite shooter in his own right, sits in second place in career three-pointers made with 242 during his days as a Buckeye, and even though that number is impressive, it doesn’t even sniff what Diebler was able to do.

Todays game is different, and I will absolutely acknowledge that. The analytics say three points are better than two, and a lot of coaches and players truly do adapt that concept. They shoot a lot more three-pointers in the game today than they did years ago. And freshmen have come into college better prepared than ever to play real minutes right away. Look at Malaki Branham and guys like Bruce Thornton and Brice Sensabaugh this season.

But lets be honest. If a guy is that good that early, the chances he makes it four years in college are slim to none. Plus, Diebler was fortunate when it came to injuries. He never missed any significant time with an injury and was able to stay on the court because of how consistent he was. It felt like he never went through a cold streak.

Dude was insane. That is all.


Will Diebler’s three-point record ever be broken?

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