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Ask LGHL Podcast: Matt Brown returns to break down the finer points of the Big Ten media rights deal

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Question: What does the new Big Ten media rights deal mean for football, fans, Olympic sports, and Gary Danielson?

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On today’s episode, Matt Tamanini is in conversation with Land-Grant Holy Land icon, the man, the myth, the legend Matt Brown to break down the finer points of the Big Ten media rights deal with FOX, CBS, and NBC. With the news that broke on Thursday morning, we did some reconfiguring of our #AskLGHL schedule so that we could chat with the single best person to discuss the business of college sports with, the man who used to run this very site.

The Matts discuss how the move can impact discoverability, what it means for Olympic sports on linear TV, how streaming plays a part in this decision, the usage of the classic “SEC on CBS” music, and more. Also, how are we feeling about Gary Danielson calling Big Ten football again?

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