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Silver Bullets Podcast: Ramping up for the 2022 Ohio State football season

We look back on the biggest stories of the off-season as we join our new home at LGHL.

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Well, hello there! Chip Minnich and I are excited to become part of the Land-Grant Holy Land team this season. If you’re not familiar with us, well, we’ve been doing the Silver Bullets Podcast together since August of 2018. Chip has been doing it a bit longer, as he and Shannon Sommers hosted the first 25 episodes together before I came aboard.

Now, here we are on our 114th episode of the Silver Bullets Podcast and the first at our new home, here at LGHL. Chip and I last recorded in the aftermath of Ohio State’s wile 48-45 Rose Bowl win over Utah, so it’s been a minute.

For this episode, we touch on why we left our old place and how excited we are to be here. We also discussed two of the biggest off-season stories of the past several months — the addition of USC and UCLA to the Big Ten, and the coaching changes that Ryan Day made to the OSU staff after the conclusion of the 2021 season. Both Chip and I grew up loathing USC due to the fact that the Trojans wrecked a lot of Ohio State seasons in the Rose Bowl, so we’re both finding it a little surreal to think that they could soon be a conference opponent. We’re also eager to see what lies ahead between now and 2024 in terms of additional expansion.

The Buckeyes did a little house cleaning on the defensive coaching staff since last year and we discussed what that might mean for Ohio State’s season to come. We also touched on the important, yet less talked about, addition of Justin Frye and how that could improve things for Day’s offense.

Finally, we looked ahead to what listeners can expect in the run-up to Ohio State’s 2022 kickoff against Notre Dame. We look forward to bringing you our show every week through the end of the season and then going monthly in the off-season. We invite you to provide feedback or send questions to us at SilverBulletsPod (at) gmail dot com and feel free to follow the show on Twitter at @SilvrBulletsPod.

It’s great to be here and to get started.