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Play Like a Girl Podcast: Football is back baby!

College football was pure anarchy and honestly, NFL was too.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Cara Owsley-USA TODAY Sports

On LGHL’s “Play Like a Girl” podcast, Meredith Hein, Megan Husslein, and Jami Jurich welcome in friends from around the LGHL, Ohio State, and sporting worlds to talk everything from Ohio State sports to advocacy for women in sports and all the happenings in between.

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How about week two of college football? Alexis and Megan dive into how happy they were with Ohio State’s big win over Arkansas State, and even more excitedly discuss Alabama’s poor performance against Texas. Plus, they discuss the ramifications of Notre Dame’s loss to Marshall— sorry Marcus Freeman.

The Fighting Irish’s head coach wasn’t the only one to feel bad for— what happened to Joe Burrow? Does his appendix need put back in? He certainly struggled to begin the season, but the Chiefs and Bills Mafia certainly have a lot to look forward to this season.

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