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Column: Garrett Wilson is my early NFL Rookie of the Year winner

Yes, I’m aware it’s only Week 2, but name an offensive rookie who has played better than Wilson thus far.

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

What a return to Ohio Garrett Wilson had Sunday! First of all, as a Jets fan, I was (and still am) absolutely ecstatic about their comeback win versus the Browns. However, I’m even more happy that Wilson played a huge role in it, including catching the winning touchdown. He looked great, and it’s only Week 2 — that’s why he's my early Offensive Rookie of the Year winner.

Wilson has taken almost zero time to adjust to the NFL from the collegiate level. Maybe it took him one game, because he only had four receptions for 52 yards on eight targets. But, that was all the time that he needed. This past Sunday, he ended up with eight receptions for 102 yards on 14 targets. Oh, and two touchdowns. He’s a ROOKIE, people!

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

For those who play fantasy, he racked up 30 points. Guess who had him on her bench? I don’t want to talk about it. Anyways, I just truly want to highlight what an amazing game he had. First off, it’s not like he has Justin Fields or C.J. Stroud throwing to him; it’s 37-year-old Joe Flacco. Don’t get me wrong, he’s doing a great job filling in for injured Zach Wilson, but he’s no star Buckeye.

Again, I know it’s only Week 2, but it seems like the Jets are already trusting him to be WR1. He leads the team in targets with 22, which is eight more than the next receiver. He’s tied for the team lead in receptions with 12, and trails Corey Davis by only six yards for total yardage.

Wilson showed multiple times during the game that he still has that dawg in him. First off, he left the game with a back injury, but battled through it and came back in the game. He also dropped a crucial third-down pass in the fourth quarter, which led to being forced to punt. However, he didn’t let it faze him, as he ended up showing he’s still clutch and caught the game-winning TD pass.

If he’s doing this well already, I can’t wait to see how much more he’ll improve the rest of the season, especially once Zach Wilson comes back in Week 4. For now, I want to compare him to other rookies who were selected as possible OROY winners in the preseason.

Perhaps the top contender for this award is WR Drake London, who was drafted by the Falcons out of USC. London had a solid first two games, finishing with 74 and 86 yards, respectively. I predict that these two will go neck and neck for this award, as they’re both projected to finish with around 1,300 receiving yards, but Wilson is projected to finish with 17 TDs, compared to London’s nine. Advantage? Wilson.

A non-receiver also vying for this trophy is actually Wilson’s own teammate, running back Breece Hall. He has phenomenal receiving capabilities as well, which is a reason why fantasy owners love him. The Iowa State product has had a bit of a slow start, however, only rushing for 23 and 50 yards the past two games. Although, he does have to split snaps with Michael Carter, which may make it difficult for him to put up enough yardage to win this award.

The only other player I would be equally as happy to win this award is Chris Olave, who also has had a great start to the season. He put up 80 yards Sunday, but he is still looking for his first NFL touchdown. It makes my scarlet and gray heart happy to see both of these Buckeyes making smooth transitions to the NFL. Let’s hope they both have healthy and successful seasons for the next 15 weeks and beyond.