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We’ll Talk About This Later: Marvin Harrison Jr., Treat Yo’ Self

Your dose of lighthearted takes from yesterdays games.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Each week, we’ll break down something that happened during the Ohio State game (and occasionally other games) that we’ll be talking about for a while—you know, the silly sideline interactions, the awful announcing and the weird storylines that stick with us for years to come. We’ll also compare each of these happenings to memorable moments in pop culture, because who doesn’t love a good Office reference?

Who doesn’t love to see pro athletes decked out in luxury apparel and accessories when they head into the stadium? It’s always fun to see the ways players express themselves off the field. Remember when Aaron Rodgers channeled Nicholas Cage heading into training camp?

Yes, seeing folks decked out in their finery heading into the stadium is one thing, but on the playing field itself?

Saturday, Ohio State already had the game against Wisconsin well in hand by the time we realized Marvin Harrison Jr. was decked out in more than the usual uniform while actually on the field. The Buckeyes were up 21-0 early in the second quarter when play-by-play announcer Chris Fowler and color commentator Kirk Herbstreit realized Harrison was rocking an Apple watch and Louis Vuitton-painted cleats.

To be clear, the cleats were sick, but they definitely became a topic of interest as what was expected to be a much more competitive game ended up being an undramatic blowout. The accessories were definitely a flex (and apparently a perfectly legal one) for Harrison, who has emerged early this season as one of the nation’s top receivers.

Harrison’s accessories also brought to mind none other than Tom Haverford of Parks and Rec. While Harrison certainly shows more athletic prowess than Haverford, the similarities in swagger are uncanny.

Of course, it begs the question of if on-field swag will become a thing for college athletes moving forward. Because treating yo self shouldn’t stop at the tunnel.