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LGHL Asks: Did the Notre Dame win make you more confident in Ohio State’s title chances?

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

Ohio State University vs University of Notre Dame Set Number: X164138 TK1

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We here in Buckeye Nation can be a fickle bunch (no Luke pun intended). Our emotions can rise and fall on one individual bounce of an oblong-shaped ball. Saturday’s contest against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish did not go exactly how most people thought that it would, but the final result was certainly one that all Buckeye fans should be able to happily embrace.

So, today we are taking the temperature of LGHL’s lovely Ohio State fans to see how you felt coming out of the 21-10 victory over the Golden Domers.

Question 1: How did you feel about the Notre Dame game?

As always, I will try not to insert my thoughts until you all have had a chance to get your answers in, but I do think that there are myriad opportunities for shade and nuance when it comes to pinpointing individual feelings about that game.

Our Megan Husslein made it clear that people who were freaking out about the offense need to chill the F out. While I think it was another indication that there is a law of diminishing returns when it comes to top-tier coaches calling plays.

Either way, I think it is safe to say that a double-digit win over a top-five team is certainly an outcome that we all can be happy with.

Question 2: Did the Notre Dame game change your expectations for the season?

Before the game on Saturday, we posted our annual staff predictions and nearly all of LGHL’s contributors picked Ohio State to go undefeated and win the national championship. I feel like a lot of Buckeye fans probably felt the same way heading into the ND game.

I will be interested to see if how OSU won changed opinions or not. Check back later in the week to find out!

Question 3: Who were you most impressed with in the Notre Dame game?

This one is the hardest one to answer for me, because there were so many guys who stepped up and played phenomenal games. I have my pick, but I won’t disclose it until the results are in. However, there were guys on offense, defense, and special teams that absolutely fantastic showings and they all deserve to be celebrated.

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