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Play Like a Girl podcast: Overreactions following Ohio State’s win over Notre Dame

Plus, overreactions from the rest of college football.

Notre Dame v Ohio State Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

On LGHL’s Play Like a Girl podcast, Megan and Meredith talk everything from Ohio State sports to advocacy for women in sports and all the happenings in between.

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Ohio State certainly started the 2022 football season off with a bang. As Megan and Meredith discussed on this week’s episode, we learned a lot about the Buckeyes following their top-five matchup against Notre Dame Saturday — probably more than we would have if the Buckeyes had played a Group of Five opponent, at least.

But it was an exciting weekend even beyond Ohio State’s game. We saw a preponderance of defense in Iowa vs. South Dakota State and the exact opposite in North Carolina vs. Appalachian State. We also saw a strong showing from most of the SEC (we see you, Georgia and Florida) but not so much from one program (cough, LSU).

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