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Buck Off Podcast: Notre Dame review, C.J. Stroud’s new confidence level, and our Arkansas State report

Arkansas State is the biggest game on Ohio State’s schedule (this week), but there is a lot more to talk about than the Red Wolves.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined by Jordan Williams. The guys take a look back at Ohio State’s matchup against Notre Dame, take a look forward to Arkansas State, and discuss the news from throughout the week.

To get the show started, the guys give their final takeaways on Ohio State’s matchup against Notre Dame. The guys discuss the performance from the defense in detail, getting into some particular sequences from the game and the rotations of the defensive position groups. After that, they look at the offensive performance and why the offense was better than initially thought. They discuss the offensive line play and how Ryan Day needs to learn how to rely on his running backs.

Then we get into the coach and player press conferences from this week. The Buckeyes coaches talked about the physical win, and the guys discuss why this is the foundation to a successful season for the Buckeyes. They also talk about Perry Eliano’s clout as the safeties coach, his confidence, and the future rotation of the Ohio State safeties. The last part of this discussion gets into Stroud’s leveled up confidence from a leadership standpoint.

After the break, the guys get into their Arkansas State report. A major point of discussion is how hard this game will be to get up for after an incredibly high level matchup against Notre Dame. The guys discuss the Arkansas State roster building strategy, and how the Buckeyes can attack a defense that had the worst run defense in 2021 and an offense that gave up 48 sacks in 12 games.

To close out the show, the guys get into a list of things fans and coaches can learn from a game like the matchup against Arkansas State. Then, Jordan brings up one of the wildest “Final Thoughts” in Buck Off history — hint: kickers are people too.

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