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Instant Recap Podcast: Pain and suffering, Ohio State loses a heartbreaker to Georgia to end the season

The Ohio State Buckeyes left it all on the field, mistakes get to them late in loss to Georgia.

NCAA Football: Peach Bowl-Ohio State at Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State loses in a heartbreaking fashion to the Georgia Bulldogs 42-41 in a Peach Bowl Showdown for the ages.

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To get the show started, we get into their initial reactions to the game and why this loss will sting for quite a long time. After that conversation we get into C.J. Stroud’s performance and how this was one of the greatest games from an Ohio State quarterback. We also discuss the narratives around the Buckeye signal-caller and why those might be unfair to continue down the road – including a suspect defense.

Ohio State’s secondary was atrocious once again in key moments, and let the Buckeyes down multiple times in the second half. We discuss these problems and why the Buckeyes will need to take a long look in the mirror heading into the new year. This conversation also includes some discussion about position groups who also struggled;

After that, our conversation moves to the job Ryan Day did as a play-caller and how he called his best game in over two years. This conversation starts with a discussion about strategy and turns to talk about the impact injuries had on this offense,

To conclude the show, we give our final thoughts on the season, our final takeaways from the matchup with Georgia, and discuss the expectations for next year as Ohio State begins their offseason

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