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Buck Off Podcast: The End of Year Award Show and Tommy Eichenberg is back

Chris and Jordan wrap up the 2022 season with their end of season award show.

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I’m joined by Jordan Williams to host our end of season award show highlighting some of the best moments from the 2022 season.

We start the episode with a discussion about Tommy Eichenberg’s big decision to return to Ohio State, and how that is beneficial for the Buckeyes heading into year two of Jim Knowles’ defense. We also discuss why having a talented player returning far outweighs potential from other guys that has not been seen in game action yet.

Then we get into Kevin Warren’s decision to leave his role as Big Ten Commissioner to be the president of the Chicago Bears. Our talk dives into the impact Warren had on the Big Ten, and why his tenure was a resounding success.

After the news and notes, we get into our end of season award show, looking at the best and worst from 2022.

In the first half, we get into the worst from the 2022 Ohio State season. This includes the most painful moment and the player we will not miss who left for whatever reason. Then we discuss our worst takes, as well as some of our favorites we saw this season.

Once we get through our Razzies, we get into our Oscars. We discuss the team MVP, the team MVP not named C.J. Stroud, and our favorite moments of the year, among a few others. During it all, our normal tangents come into play, so if you expect structure, you’ll be disappointed.

Then, to close out the show, we give our best takes from the season. And we wanted to say thank you to all who have listened this season, interacted with us, and made another year covering Ohio State so fun.

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