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Uncut Podcast: Chris Holtmann, players discuss Ohio State’s pre-season win over Dayton

The final score was far less significant than the money that was raised, but getting a win in Dayton was a long time coming.

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Throughout the season, Land-Grant will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conferences, but also from individual interview sessions.

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Following Ohio State’s 78-70 win over Dayton on Sunday night during a charity exhibition match, Chris Holtmann, Jamison Battle, Bruce Thornton, and Devin Royal spoke to the media about the game, their thoughts about the team moving forward, and mental health.

Holtmann spoke first and repeated over and over that the result of today’s game was the least important aspect of the event. He told his team that, “everything coming out of today would be positive, regardless of how this ends.” It took him a while to get through some questions on mental health, taking some time to hold his composure before speaking on something that’s important to him and the Ohio State program.

Afterward, Battle, Royal, and Thornton spoke to the media about the results of the game, what can be improved on, and their thoughts on mental health, and what they do to keep everything right in their mind during a grueling basketball season.

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