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Silver Bullets Podcast: Michigan rewind, Ryan Day, Kyle McCord and more

The regular season is over already. Where did it go?

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

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Ohio State’s 2023 regular season is over. The college football schedule always seems long until the games begin, and then before you know it, it’s gone. So it is again this year as the Buckeyes concluded their 2023 regular season at 11-1 after a bitter, 30-24 loss in Ann Arbor.

The team was in it from start to finish, but couldn’t quite overcome an early interception that set up Michigan’s first touchdown after the Wolverines had done nothing up to that point on offense. Oh, the Buckeyes pulled level at one point, but they simply made too many errors and some questionable (and conservative) decisions, and that’s no way to handle The Game.

We break down a tough day on the road in Ann Arbor, Kyle McCord’s poor start, Ryan Day’s key decisions, and more. We also wonder what happened to Jim Knowles’ defense after halftime. And we look back at our predictions and our picks to click to see how well we anticipated the happenings in the mitten state.

We addressed fan concerns about Day and McCord, and tried to look at it objectively in the cold light of day. Are there coaches who should be fired? Absolutely, and we tell you which ones.

Wrapping up this week’s podcast, we looked at the other results around the Big Ten, as we usually do, but we also looked back at our preseason predictions to see how our soothsaying skills turned out. As usual, we seem to know much more about the Big Ten East than the West, but the same could be said for most people. Alas, we won’t have the divisions anymore, so the wild West will simply have to be wild without ramifications for the Big Ten title game.

We’ll be here with you every week from now until the end of the 2023 Ohio State football season (and then monthly). We’d love to hear from you, so please reach out with your feedback and questions below in the comments section or send us an email.

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