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What is the one thing Ohio State needs to do this offseason in order to get back to the top?

And, do you want to see the Buckeyes back in the CFP?

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Well, it’s been a tough one, hasn’t it, Buckeye fans? We are all still reeling from a third-straight loss at the hands of the Michigan Wolverines, and even though there is a chance that Ohio State could still make the College Football Playoff, much of the post-rivalry game discussion has been about what needs to change to get the OSU football program back to the dominance it held just a few short years ago.

So, in this week’s fan survey, we want to know what you think is the biggest change that has to be made this offseason to get the Buckeyes back on top of the Big Ten and whether or not you want to see them sneak into the CFP again this year. Take a look below and make sure to register your vote in the survey. Then, if you have additional thoughts, hit up the comments at the bottom of the page!

Question 1: What is the biggest thing that the Ohio State football program must do in the offseason?

The Ohio State football team has three expressed goals every season but has failed to accomplish any of them over the past three seasons; despite all of the wins they have had, they have failed to beat Michigan, win the Big Ten, or win the national title. While not actually the definition of insanity, if those goals truly are the three most important things that the program is attempting to achieve each season, it would be crazy to expect different results while doing the exact same things.

So, there needs to be changes over at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, but the question is, which ones? I know that there are many people in the Ohio State fandom who want to see a change at the top, and while I think at this point that is a valid opinion, I am going to eliminate Ryan Day being replaced from consideration because I just don’t think it is a possibility this offseason.

Long-time athletic director Gene Smith is retiring following this academic year, and barring some sort of scandal, for both personal or professional reasons, there is just no way Smith will fire Day. Not only did Smith hire the current OSU coach, but he has been Day’s biggest supporter during his tenure, but perhaps the biggest reason why Smith wouldn’t relieve him of his duties is out of respect for his successor. If and when a new football coach is hired, Smith almost certainly sees it as a decision the new AD should make.

So, if Day will be back next season, which of the options listed in the survey below do you think absolutely must happen before the team kicks off in September 2024? I personally have my choice, but I won’t put my thumb on the scale of the survey. However, when we get the results back later in the week, I will certainly share my opinion.

Question 2: Do you want the Buckeyes to make the College Football Playoff if chaos happens this weekend?

On Tuesday night, the College Football Playoff committee slotted Ohio State at No. 6 in the penultimate rankings. That means that the Buckeyes still very much have a shot to make the playoffs, should things break their way.

The question is, do you want them to sneak into the CFP through the backdoor like they did last year? Following the loss in The Game, I saw a lot of very disappointed fans online making it very clear that they didn’t want to see this team face off against Georgia or — heaven forbid — Michigan again. But, I wonder if after a few days, whether or not those hurt feelings have subsided a bit, and they want another shot at the title.

I know that last year, once the Buckeyes were officially in the playoff, my entire opinion of the possibility changed, so I am curious about what the whole of Buckeye Nation feels with that possibility still looming, even if it isn’t particularly likely.

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