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Column: Marvin Harrison Jr. (rightfully) won the Biletnikoff, and LSU fans are NOT happy about it

There is a lot of controversy from SEC country over this.

2023 Heisman Trophy Presentation Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Biletnikoff Award is giving annually to college football’s most outstanding receiver. This past Friday, Marvin Harrison Jr. received it after a lot of people said that he was snubbed from winning it last year. However, this year, people are going crazy on social media saying he shouldn’t have even won. What’s the deal?

The two other finalists alongside Marv were Malik Nabers from LSU and Rome Odunze from Washington. A LOT of people are saying that Nabers deserved the award over Marv, based largely on their statistical comparison. Harrison Jr. had 1,211 receiving yards on 67 receptions and 14 touchdowns. Nabers had 1,546 receiving yards on 86 receptions and 14 touchdowns.

So, yes Nabers statistically had the better season... but this award isn’t based off stats. If you think that’s the case, then Michael Penix Jr. should have won the Heisman over Jayden Daniels. Penix Jr. has 4,218 passing yards compared to Daniels’ 3,812.

Texas A&M v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Keep in mind though, that Daniels did win the Heisman. That means that Nabers had the best player in the entire country throwing to him all season long. Meanwhile, and this is absolutely no shade to Kyle McCord, Marv had a QB throwing to him who is now going to transfer to a lesser program. Imagine the numbers Harrison Jr. could have put up if he had Daniels throwing to him.

Like I said earlier, this award is not just stats. Watch the film. I must admit, I haven’t watched LSU too much this season as I’m covering and watching Ohio State every single week, but I can guarantee you that there is no receiver who can do it like Marv. The fact that every single game he makes us say, “is he even human?” is proof positive that he is very deserving of this award.

This is not to say that Nabers wasn’t deserving, either. I mean, Harrison Jr.’s one-vote win margin was the closest in Biletnikoff history. Clearly, it could have gone to either player and both would deserve it, and the other team’s fan base would be complaining about it.

Nabers fully believed he was snubbed, though.

Personally, I think he went a bit too far with throwing the word “disrespectful” in there, because it’s not like Harrison Jr. didn’t deserve it at all. He was a finalist this year, and honestly, should have been one last year too.

If I wasn’t an Ohio State fan, I firmly believe that I would still think that Marv is deserving of this award. Watching him week in and week out for the past two years, you know something special when you see it. The body control he possesses is unlike anything I have ever seen — he will ALWAYS find a way to make a catch. The Biletnikoff is supposed to go to the nation’s best wide receiver, not just the player who complied the most stats, and that is unequivocally Harrison Jr.

Plus, his name is in the running to be at the top of the 2024 NFL Draft, should he decide to go pro. Any team would be absolutely blessed to have him. Between his size, talent, passion and leadership abilities, he’s going to vastly improve whichever team he ends up with. Now, he has an extra trophy to pack in his suitcase.