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Buckeye fans are expecting big things from Devin Brown in the Cotton Bowl

Even without knowing all of the guys who will be playing, Buckeye Nation is confident in the team’s chances to win.

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Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

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As today is Christmas Eve, that means that we are now officially in Cotton Bowl Week, so it’s time to turn our attention from recruiting and the transfer portal back to action actually on the field. So, in the most recent LGHL fan survey, we asked Buckeye Nation for their thoughts on what will happen in Arlington on Friday, Dec. 29. With all of the roster changes, we asked about who will be the Bukeyes’ offensive star against the Missouri Tigers and what the final outcome will be.

Below are their answers, and I threw in my thoughts on the topics as well. So, take a look at what your Buckeye brethren said, and if you want to throw in your two cents, hit up the comments at the bottom of the page.

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Question 1: Who will be the Buckeyes’ offensive star in the Cotton Bowl?

The quarterback is always going to get the edge in polls like this, but I am still a little bit surprised that Devin Brown won this one. I realize that some of that might be because of the uncertainty that we are all still having around who will and will not be playing in the game, but still. We have seen precious little of Brown this season actually running the offense, so for practically a quarter of the respondents to side with him is telling.

I know that I personally have felt a significant shift in my anticipation of the athletic sophomore standing behind center in recent weeks. Since Kyle McCord entered the transfer portal, we have seen the OSU coaches — and the players — seem to be incredibly excited about the prospect of Brown being the quarterback, and I admit it, I am easily swayed by their opinion. They see him in practice, they know the progress that he has made since his early season quarterback battle.

It seemed fairly obvious to me that Ryan Day and company were working him up to something by having him run the red-zone package in the middle of the season, and I am fairly confident that had he not been injured against Penn State, we would have seen him do far more down the stretch of the season.

So, perhaps that indicates that the coaching staff saw significant growth from him during the season, and maybe that’s why the Buckeyes were essentially inactive in the quarterback transfer portal. All of these tea leaves could indicate that Devin Brown is ready to step up as a deserving starting quarterback and take his rightful spot aside amongst the pantheon of elite Ohio State signal callers ... or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Question 2: What will be the result of the Cotton Bowl?

I struggle with this one because we don’t yet know all of the players that Ohio State will have playing in the Cotton Bowl. We learned on Saturday that the leg injury that kept Lathan Ransom out of the last month of the season will prevent him from playing against Mizzou, but what about Marvin Harrison Jr., TreVeyon Henderson, and J.T. Tuimoloau? If any or all of those guys played, that would obviously make a significant difference in terms of how I viewed the final score of this game.

But, since we don’t have those answers as of this writing, I am going to make a guess, based solely on rumors, speculation, and vibes, and say that Marv doesn’t play (and honestly good for him), but Trey and J.T. do (personally, I would be headed to the NFL if I was either of them, but obviously more than happy for them to delay that decision by another week or another year).

So, if that’s the case, I am going to agree with the 43% of survey respondents and say that Ohio State will win by 8 to 14 points. In fact, I will take the Scarlet and Gray by 10, 31-21 (I reserve the right to change that prediction up until we I release our “Tailgate” podcast on the morning of game day).

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