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Uncut Podcast: Chris Holtmann, Zed Key, and Evan Mahaffey discuss Ohio State’s seventh consecutive win

The Buckeyes knocked off in-state foe Miami on Wednesday night to advance to 8-1 on the season.

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Throughout the season, Land-Grant will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conferences, but also from individual interview sessions.

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Following Ohio State’s 84-64 win over Miami on Wednesday night, Chris Holtmann, Zed Key, and Evan Mahaffey spoke to the media about the win.

Key said that people “get hung up too much on points” when talking about his teammate, Mahaffey. He said Evan can guard the other team’s best player and rebound the basketball, so just “let him do his thing.” Mahaffey spent some time discussing preparation for this game that was wedged in between two Big Ten games, saying that the best teams get up for every game and don’t overlook anyone.

Holtmann spent some time discussing Jamison Battle’s well-rounded offensive night that saw him take six two-point shot attempts before even considering a three-pointer. He also said that the coaching staff was mildly concerned with the team’s focus heading into this game, with Minnesota in the rearview mirror but Penn State coming up this weekend.

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